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    Seminars & Trade Shows - there are more "business side" seminars than ever at our industry trade shows. Be sure to click Calendar at top of page, and the Calendar of Industry Events forum here and investigate upcoming seminars on the business side.

    McFadden publications, the publisher of the well known Pet Business Magazine, is publishing the first issue of Grooming Business Magazine in February 2007.

    There are business books in the Bookstore at

    The creators of GroomerTALK and have a business side website at, including products, and services like telephone and in-person consultations.

    Later in Spring 2007 the GroomerTALK Radio Show will be hosting several guests specializing on the business side, but don't wait, there are some shows from 2005-6 to listen to now.

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    Best site ever!

    Thank you, ty, ty! I'm/we're so lucky to have this site. I can't wait to go to the seminars and order the magazines, and books. Is it too late to get grooming business in a box if I've been open almost a year?
    Like I said this is the best site. I've learned so much already.