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  • Business owner question

    I am curious of how many grooming shop that have 3 or more groomer pay for their bather or do your groomers pay for a bather? If your groomer pays for bather.. How much do they pay per dog?
    Thank you

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    As the owner you are responsible for paying wages.


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      Your words have gotten many other grooming business owners in trouble. You cannot make them sound like employers. They are not paying bathers. You are asking them to reimburse you a fee taken from their percentage if they opt to use a bather when your commission is based on doing the groom start to finish. That is legal calculation. But the way you state, they state, and groomers have turned in employers for making them pay bathers, and then the owner gets investigated. So, be careful. You cannot ask them to reimburse you for any taxes, workers compensation, benefits etc. So it is just better to say your commission is 50% and if you use a bather your commission is 40%. Something like that, see the difference?
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        Yes I do. Thank you for your help


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          Yes to everything Admin said. Here are some real world examples from my journey. Scenario #1, I was an employee (W2), did all my own dogs start to finish, no bather employed at this place, for 50%. Scenario #2, I was a W2 employee, made 50% doing all my own bathing, but if I used a bather for any dogs, it was $5 out of my pay for small dogs, $10 out of my pay for large dogs. Scenario #3, W2 employee at 50%. Bathers were provided to wash all the dogs. If I then dried my own dogs I kept the entire 50%. If I had the bathers dry my dogs, I paid $5 per small dog, or $10 per large dog . In each of these shops there were at least 4 groomers.