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    Hey Guys,

    I'm seeking a new career in Pet Grooming, can you recommend grooming schools in Houston or online. Preferably one where I can get an Internship at the end of the program. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, you might want to post and do some reading in the Schools, Home Study, & Certification talk section:

    From another section of this website, here is a great guide along with a wealth of grooming school information:

    Confession: I'm not a groomer and think about attending grooming school someday, and encourage you to read many posts in the forum here. The groomer members are quite knowledgeable and gracious, and just by reading forum posts you will find many tips and great information. I groom my own Poodle, and while I'm not at a professional level by any means, he gets compliments and I keep learning to do him better. My choice in trimmer (Bravura) came about as a result of a lot of reading here, and I've been very happy. One tip on schools: if you have to do remote, I suggest choosing a program begun by actual groomers over a company that tries to teach many topics.


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      I went to Golden Paws in Houston. They are inside the loop off of Stella Link. The course is a little more than 6 weeks and on the second day i was doing sanitary trims and bathing dogs. You can click on my profile for photos of the inside of the facility and I have a post with my review of the program.


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        Thanks so much for the advice. ...appreciated ��


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          Yes I'm really considering this one... thanks again Brenda��


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            Sherry Berry, in the interests of honest disclosure, I should add I do have professional experience in the equine industry, including grooming. So I have had past experience with clippers, braiding, bathing, coat upkeep, etc. I am not however a professional in the pet grooming field, just feel past experience and training influence my interest in it and provide me a clue why I'm interested in pursuing it further. Not to mention the Poodle love - I think that's what woke back up my interest and love for grooming. In school I even won the little training grooming competitions here and there, but again, horse, not dog or cat, and of course school isn't pro time. And that was a long time ago, but if something is in your heart, it stays.
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              oh nice congrats on your achievements...I have no past experience but I take care of my fur baby, my passion and love for animals is my drive to do this I use to shape my plants at home lol hehe...I have confidence, I will be be ok...lots of practice and I'm good to go


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                I still have a long way to go and left that world a long time ago, but having the background makes me feel a bit more easy coming here and maybe made starting grooming my Poodle myself a bit easier but there is much to learn yet. Huge amounts. He did not do well at the professional groom shop so I had no choice but to start learning to do him better myself! Sherry Berry, you are so smart to make the choice to go to grooming school, and Golden Paws seems like the answer to your dream, right there in town for you. I hope you will be able to pursue your heart's desire and attend grooming school, and post lots of updates for those watching and wishing from afar. And nice work on the plant grooming!