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    so I'm thinking about hiring employees, I'm trying to do my research but I'm having trouble navigating the sites and understanding the language. anyone know a good book or site that might answer my questions in plain english. I want to know what forms I need, how to withhold taxes, insurance, etc. hourly vs. commision, independant contractor. I'm hoping to cut back a little myself and also try to build up my cat grooming, but I hate to turn people away, ie; stop taking new clients.

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      Remember, if you book the pets for the groomer, they are an employee not independent contractor.

      Do you have someone who does your taxes? They can probably give you the info you need to get started with taxes.

      You can always hire a payroll service to get you started as well. They will be able to make sure everything gets done properly as well as getting your workmans comp insurance. You can also get workmans comp from Governor Insurance (no longer called Gibson Governor) or your state.

      If you want to do things yourself, you can go on your state's tax website and the federal site and apply for the EIN number that every employer must have.

      I do my payroll and bookkeeping through 123 pet and it works well for me.


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        Question for briarpatch

        I am unsure why booking the appointments for the groomer would be a decisive factor in deciding whether the employee is an IC or an employee, especially because it can be typical for hairdressing salons to book appointments for a stylist and yet they are IC's renting space.

        It would seem unreasonable to allow the business owner's clientele access to phone IC's directly, so I'm wondering if your state has some unusual technical point that it gives undue weight to in this area??

        The normal business model would draw in clientele under the business name and phone number, but IC's could work there by deciding their days and hours, and paying rent that would be either a flat fee or a percentage (or even a combination of both). Of course, then the business owner cannot insist on the IC being there certain days or pressure them to do work that they decide they do not want to do (i.e., large dogs, biting dogs, breeds they have said they don't want to handle, etc.).


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          I may not be fair

          BUT IT IS THE LAW
          to many shop owners are in danger because thay pay wrong
          BUT why or how do the big marts get by with it??