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  • Tubs

    How many have self serve? What type of tubs do you use? And, what percent of your business revenue is generated from Self Serve?

    I have 4 stations with elevated pocelain tubs and ramps. I have noticed as more and more place offer Self Serve, my revenues have gone down and grooming has picked up more.

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    This question interests me too. I have thought about doing something like this but didn't know how well it would go over. I thought of using a regular grooming tub and charging a flat amount for the customer to bathe their dog. I already have customers that like to come in and stay while I bathe and they want to do the blow drying.


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      For our Self Serve, I charge $12 for 30 minutes and $2 each additional 5 minutes. Everyone get a "frequent flyer" punch car, when they get 10 punches their 11th is free.


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        Oh, I supply dirty dog shampoo, hypo/tear free shampoo, brushes, towles and force dryer.


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          My second location that I opened in May is heading down the do it yourself road. We still offer full service grooming but since there is NO DIY within a 15 mile radius we are taking off!! We already had 2 human tubs at waist level that were there when we took over the building (old grooming shop went out of business) We now thinking about remodeling again and putting in 2 more. We also have an edemco freestanding that we may hook up as well to use for ourselves when we do grooming instead of waiting for the DIY tubs to be vacant. Its really hard to groom and manage DIY if your by yourself. People take alot of your time and you don't want to leave a dog on the table while you clean out the tubs or check people in and out. We charge $15, supply shampoo, towels, ear cleaner, brushes and combs and use of HV dryer.

          I have a friend who has a DIY outside the 15mile radius and she is able to pay her rent (which is over 60% of her expenses) with just DIY. All her grooming and retail pays the other bills and herself.


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            self serve on East Coast

            Hi Everyone! I'm new to the board and the business- just opened my own shop about 6 weeks ago. I put in two wash stations with the PetEdge tubs and homemade bathing machines and two drying stations with HV dryers. Everyone who has come by loves the setup, but I've found it's hard to get the self service concept going here in the NY metro area. Most people would just rather I wash their dogs no matter the extra cost.

            Anyone finding the same and suggestions for overcoming the January doldrums (other than unbelievably expensive advertising?)



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              The metro area. Well I usually say it's all about location. But that area has a lot of pets!! The do it yourself concept is going great around here in the West Coast. I don't own one personally, but my friend does. She's been open for 3 yrs now. She has 5 porcelian tubs w/nice ramps. And has one groomer there full time. Most of her business is do it yourself. She does very well. There is also another self serve place by the famous Del Mar dog beach. They have a waiting line!! Opening now you wont get a chance to advertise in the yellow pages. Get a good website! Hold a Grand Opening. Contact the newspapers, and animal shelters. Good Luck, you should do well in that area.


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                Self Serve Tubs

                I thought about putting in a self service tub (briefly) and decided not to. I can just imagine people wanting to ask all sorts of questions while I am trying to complete a groom. I'd just rather do it for them. Also, I pay for my water and I could see the bill getting expensive. I figured that I would lose money when my regulars came in for a bath and decided to do it themselves. Lastly, I don't think I could watch someone not brush or demat the dog before bathing...which brings me back to trying to complete trims.


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                  self serv

                  Is the liability insurance extra high for this type of operation?

                  I considered doing this when I had my commercial location but the shop wasn't right. Old electrical. I used to blow the breakers if the HV dryer & the small water heater were going at the same time!

                  I think it's a great idea especially if you can kind of supervise.
                  Lots of weekend business I'd guess.



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                    I do have a Self Serve and Full Groom salon, my water bill is about $15.00 more per month than my salon that ONLY has Full Groom. My insurance liability wasno higher on cost.


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                      I groom mon thru fri..Im thinking what if I offer self service on Sat's? that way the tub is used only for the self serve since I won't be grooming that day? what do you think of this idea? how do you all keep your water from going cold? we have that problem when we have 15 or more baths in an am? any suggestions?


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                        Self Serve Often Best to Boost Other Services Retail

                        In Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler we put a real self serve business plan for a highly highly successful venture, we've done A LOT of self serve plans in the past. Often as a stand alone they simply don't make a lot and work best if you also have other services. How many have called me over the years, "We are a self serve, I need your book, we gotta get some full service going.." So it actually got a good full service business going.

                        I've also found they do well where people in cities take their pets to walks in large parks, and of course, always along beaches like S. California, very big.

                        Now there is another concept and that's the plan in the Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler for Mocha Java. This enterprise cooks, and its totally fun. There's a laundramat next door. The new business is self serve pet wash, small full service, big open area with seating with a pet bakery, and a great espresso bar for people. It's in an upscale area where 20 somethings to 40 somethings congregate, young professionals etc, and some people bring their pet and newspaper 4 to 5 times a week. So the specialty retail does quite well and the groomer owner no longer grooms after many years but earns a great living enjoying the upbeat meeting place of pet lovers and yes, holistic foods. It's not hard physical works, easily staffed and makes MONEY, and gets a lot of free press.
                        Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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                          There was a DIY in a very upscale area near me. They offered self serve or they would do the washing for $5 more. Now, they didn't offer any grooming, nail clipping etc. I never saw anyone in there, and the space it was in you could see everything. It didn't last long.
                          Self service around here does well as an add on. The feed store down the street has two tubs. We used to have our shop in that store and could hear everytime someone was using them, and on the weekends that was alot! Mostly summer time too.
                          Now starting up mobile I am offering self serve as an option. I don't know how many people will want to use it for that BUT I am not relying on it for income. I know what I will have to charge for it to be profitable, but when I wrote my business plan I didn't include any money I was plannin on making from that. I put it separately, and that way I know how much it costs to run the rig, how much I would have to charge, and if it doesn't take off, my business isn't really reliant on it. I just saw so many people walking sopping wet dogs out of the DIY because they were charged per every 30 minutes and no one wanted to pay for more than 30 minutes. Then they'd be taking a dripping wet dog into their car. This way, if they don't want to pay for more tha an hour, they don't have to put a wet dog in their car or worry about a long cold car ride hom etc. Plus I am using the self service option as a way to try to set myself apart.
                          Once I am up and running I'll let everyone know how it's going!
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                            I love the 'Mocha Java' idea Stephen.....but isn't there a problem with the health department rules about animals and selling food? If that is not the case, I am putting a bakery and an espresso machine in our lobby immediately!


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                              How did you make the homemade bathing system? I have been contemplating this exact thing!
                              Would love some tips!