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  • Coin Op or Set price for Set time....


    I have a large empty room in my shop that I am considering converting to a self service dog wash. I would really like to have the dryer/water be coin op, but I'm not sure if thats possible. Does anyone know anything about this? I would be using a regular tub, not a stainless.

    For the people who offer a SSDW: do you charge by a set time? I'm concerned about regulating how long people spend running the water or drying their dog...

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    Coin Op

    MDC Romani Inc.
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    ClipperVac is your home for specialty grooming vacuums for Mobile Groomers, Veterinaries, Pet Salons, pet hair management, state-of-the-art professional pet grooming equipment

    I would start here, but that's me good luck!


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      I used to work in a SSDW. We charged a flat fee based on size of dog. We had 5 tubs, so how long each was in use really didn't matter. We did have it figured at approximately 30 minutes per dog (I know, how can anyone finish in that time), in the end everything averaged out. Very few people have the patience to dry their dog to dry or even wash them to clean for that matter. I think you will find that only high traffic times pose you any problem at all. We just started a wait list on Saturdays and asked people to be courteous of the people waiting. We had New Breed tubs in private rooms with a metro dryer at each station if that helps at all.


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        We charge a flat fee. I know the coin-op romani tubs are soooo expensive. I think flat fee for set time is the way to go.


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          I saw a coin operated SSDW at the dog park, it was really neat. Its called the k9000 dog wash by TMC. I would look into that too!

          Stephen: MDC Romani Clipper Vac has offered the coin op type before.