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  • Question for those of you with self serve

    I have just ordered my new tub from PetEdge and am picking it up on Monday. I have scheduled the plumber for next Monday and the electrician for after that. My question is do any of you use bathing systems with the self serve? I have a Prima but didn't want to spend that kind of money and found one on for about $300. Also, what kind of dryers do you supply? Do you let them use ones like k911 or one that's not as powerful? What kind if shampoo do you supply them with? I am using the Spa Lavish line and didn't know if they should use that or a more "general" shampoo & cond., maybe something not as expensive since they aren't paying as high of a price?? What kind of smocks do you provide? Any and suggestion would be appreciated.

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    I managed a self serve for a while and we provided pretty inexpensive shampoos (no bathing system) and conditioners in prediluted bottles and we did offer more premium products, but those were an additional charge. I think the k-9 11 is too powerful for most people to use, something that is weaker works better for your typical novice.

    Good Luck with your new service,


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      Thanks Puligroomer,

      That is what I was thinking. I still may do an inexpensive bathing system. I think that may make things go a little faster. I am not sure what dryer to get yet. I will probably get an economical shampoo from Petedge or Thanks for the help.


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        My local self service does not have a bathing system (I'm told...never actually been there). I'd guess that people would be likely to use too much shampoo, so a bathing system might help save shampoo. I also think a powerful hv could be dangerous in the hands of a novice, I'd go for less power even if it takes them longer.


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          I did get your email. I did respond. Let me know if you get it.



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            I love our Hydrosurge and it is a BAD day when it's broken. I think customers would be able to give a more thorough bath with a bathing system and you could control the shampoo much better. When I have watched others bathe without the system they seem to use so much more shampoo than necessary because it is so hard to evenly distrubute the shampoo to all areas. Only drawback would be having to demo it to each customer and of course, you know they will break it from time to time. Every so often one of our bathers will leave it on with no water in the tub and luckily they have only burned out one motor.


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              My olny concern is this... No One will take care of stuff the way you do. Are you okay when someone breaks it?


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                I did pick up a Prima system at a reduced price (thank you Jan!!). I hope all goes well with it. I do not want anything broken. At least the Prima is pretty basic. I do like that the shampoo and cond. are already mixed that way I can keep an eye on how much they are using.


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                  Bathing System for Non-Pros??????

                  Non-Skid Floors!!!! If you offer the use of a bathing system you might want to make sure your floors are as safe as possible. I have miss directed my nozzle more than once or twice and shot the water outside the tub area.
                  Would it make sense to offer one 6 oz. bottle of shampoo included in the price of the service? If the customer wanted to upgrade to a higher quality shampoo that you offer for retail you could give them $X.00 amount of credit towards the purchase. Offer small bottles of conditioners for an add-on?
                  Showing them how to mix the shampoo in a plastic paint bucket then applying it with a body puff would be helpful for them.
                  I would think the Metro's mounted under the tables would be enough power for DIY's. I don't think you really want to teach them how to do a professional job. They may want you for that once in awhile.