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  • Grooming school entrance exam and interview

    Stephen: Is this a grooming exam, or basic reading, comprehension, color vision etc. I have worked with schools required by law to give a battery of tests to ensure that you can discern colors, read and comprehend. There is a name of these tests that escapes me at the moment. But actually it is to protect both the school owner and potential student, and the government from deep pockets litigation. Some curricula have safety training, and what if the student cannot read and comprehend, it puts even pets at risk etc. It doesn't always mean the student cannot attend if they fail, but it has to be accounted for with special training. So anyway, is this the type of testing, or are you saying, grooming testing, that doesn't seem likely, be interesting to know what you experience. Sometimes they will have you handle a pet as you cannot believe how many students do signup and have a fear of dogs, or certain types of dogs, and sometimes the testing must be done in some states to test the range of motion of your body for problems such as lifting.
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    What state is this school in? I just got finished with grooming school, no entrance exam. Must be a state thing...

    Good Luck


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      I didn't have to do an entrance exam either, don't they want your money?

      Stephen: A few states require a basic reading, writing and even color determination testing, it's the law. Suitable tests can be purchased from approved vendor. Plenty of time students have taken a legal action to get their tuition back after so long in school come to find out the student couldn't read or do basic these laws came about. Keep in mind that the average high school graduate today uses a vocabulary of less than 200 words, and a good chunk cannot read their diploma. This is also why many employers have learned that you cannot hand a job description and employee handbook to an employee and then expect them to follow it or else. No, you have to ensure they can read and comprehend these materials by asking questions etc if you expect them to be following these materials.


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        is this for the CSDG? I am thinking about going there and an entrance exam and interview with the director is required. I was told that the entrance exam was a basic english and math and language test to ensure that you will understand what is being said to you. the interview..i'm not sure what that is about yet...i can't imagine it being more than a 'why do you want to come here' type of thing as many grooming schools are limited # of people and usually have more applicants than they can accept. i could be wrong though about the interview.


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          CSDG is required as I explained above to give the basic math and reading. California state law requires this for the reasons explained above. I was the consultant for licensing a school in CA and can tell you that from experience.
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            All for an entrance exam

            Well I can tell you that in my experience in teaching a quote "entrance exam" would have saved a lot of headaches for me and the student. 1 being reading and comprehension. I had several students tell me at various stages through the course that they couldn't understand the written mateial. Because of disabilities. Well, we can't ask them, we can only say that if they need special assistance, it will be provided. Often times the student is embarrassed to say they have a problem. So I have learned to tell them up front that they need to speak up ASAP if there is a problem. Tests can be given orally. If they don't speak up, it shows in the test grade. The other point is geometrics. If they can't get simple geometrics on a test, they will never see the geometrics on a dog. Also, just the directions at the beginning of a test of how to fill out the test will tell you very much about how they comprehend and follow directions. But then there are other problems like memory, personality disorders, physical limitations etc. that you can do nothing about. Some of these things don't show up or present a problem until well into the course. And some don't present a problem at all. But I can say that I have dealt with 2 deaf students. 1 was not educated, illiterate and could read lips and used an interpretor occasionally. Yet she could copy ANY THING I did on a dog. The other was educated, literate, did not read lips, and used an interpretor every day. Her practical skills were just average. They both got jobs, and are both doing very well right now. You just have to know how to reach your students. not everyone learns the same way. And not everyone has the talent, or the brains, or both.


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              School Licensing

              What kind of licenses do California schools need to operate? Some of the schools I have seen seemed a bit sketchy:-0

              Stephen: CA is in tragic state financially. We saw it coming and left 5 years ago which at first was hard for a born and raised California. But the writing was on the wall. Now look. OK, I don't have the very latest update but it used to be that the BPPVE would state license schools. CA is pretty darn strict, took months to prepare package for one school we assisted. At the time the more you charged, the more regulation. Well, CA starting going broke a couple years and they closed the BPPVE and without a replacement. Some new schools came around and before they advertise here I see if they got licensed, well, there is no one to answer the phone. I had no reason to search further but I know that others saw this opportunity and started doing new schools without approval, yet legal. You can call the State of CA, and ask who is taking the place of the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education. I know about a year ago no one had the answer and schools just opened. They really are in chaos. I made 3 company tax payments to the State and they lost 2 of the checks, what a mess they are in. The roads are looking terrible in some areas where I travelled a few months ago, no one keeping up with mainteance like at all, sad state of affairs there...with the current crisis issuing IOU's I bet the BPPVE is still closed. Maybe someone else will know the latest.


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                Didn't have one either.