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    Hello! I have a growing Mobile Grooming company. We are having the HARDEST TIME getting groomers! We've been on zip recruiter for 3 months now and have not gotten a single relevant application (Djs, fast food cooks, people with no drivers licenses, applications that are actually BLANK... etc etc). So we started going to petcos and telling the groomers we're hiring and leaving our cards. Nothing. Not a single call.
    The one employee we do have is very happy, makes great money and we take really good care of him. We (my husband and I) both came from a terrible boss so we try very hard to be a good company to work for.
    The only prospect we had took 8 sick days during the first month of training and the day we were firing her she basically quit saying it's too much work. Ugh. Any ideas?? How do people get 10 employees when we can't find 1? Thank you for taking the time to read this!! Sorry if it sounds whinny I'm just frustrated

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    Did you use the classified ads here? We found several here over the last 20 years here. BUT is it hard to find employees. When hasn't been hard in grooming to find employees? Fact of life and I think that is why some open up one person shops only and maybe have bathers sometimes. Not sure if true but is it harder to find mobile employees, I sure see lots of ads here for them.


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      Hey I am thinking of hiring soon for mobile grooming as well. I was wondering what you pay your employee? Commission or hourly? I read an article that said paying commission for a mobile grooming business will put you out of business. Which I can see her point with high insurance and I have a van payment. Plus not getting the volume like a shop run business. Please any thoughts would be greatly be appreciated.


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        We have had so many people come in and tell us they would love to be a groomer...such a fun job. Until they try it. It's rewarding, but I certainly wouldn't call it fun. It took 4 of us to wrangle a large wolf mix (about 120 lbs.) on Friday to accomplish nail clipping and cleaning up fuzzy feet. Owner held muzzled head, two grooming straps on her, hubby held each foot as she tried to yank them away, bather held body while I worked on her. That was $10.
        It certainly isn't a job for everyone, and trying to find responsible hard working people is getting harder and harder. I wish you luck. Have you tried any humane societies that have volunteers that might be interested in a paying job?