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Am I charging too little?

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  • Am I charging too little?

    I have an in home mobile grooming business. Here's an example of prices. One client with a difficult needs sedation malteese collie 10lb mix i charged $40 when i lived close. Now that i live 57 min one way i charge $50, with the $10 increase for travel. I realize this means I'm getting 10 cents per mile or less, when going rate is 44 cents, which I'd never actually charge. My clients tend to be low income but are loyal. Please help...

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    Wow. Unless you're doing this for them out of the goodness of your are WAYYY under priced. But if you feel you can help out and it's OK with you, that's your prerogative. I wouldn't broadcast it though, you'll have everyone wanting those discounted prices.


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      Check my answer in the thread "Are my prices too high".
      You need to do the Math.


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        My husband/ business partner always reminds me that my time is worth money when I'm feeling bad about raising prices. So If that mix takes you an hour.. including an hour there and an hour back you're getting $16/hr. That's almost minimum wage where I live. As much as we love what we do, we are in business to make money. You can't have it any other way- we can't stay in business if we're not making $. If they want to have someone come to them, they have to pay more. Some people may leave, but I bet you they'll be back after one day of schlepping Bella to a salon and waiting all day. I would call around your local salons to get an idea of pricing. Ask about 3 breeds so you get an idea then make sure you're charging a decent amount more! Another thing to remember is that hour that you're driving to the mix for $50 is an hour you could be grooming an entire dog- so the travel time is making you miss out on 1-2 dogs that day.

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          Your prices are way low, and sad fact is for low income people mobile is not so popular and it has to be for more upscale because you have plenty of travel costs. There is no way around that unless say you traveled even 40 miles away, and did 5 or 6 stops that whole day in the same area. Maybe then. But you cannot put kind of mileage on 1 or 2 groomers without twice what you are charging, at least.