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Few Questions before I start mobile..

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  • Few Questions before I start mobile..

    I have a new client, english bulldog, hates..and I mean HATES anything blowing on his chest/face area..owners want to get him done every 2wks because he has bad skin. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! haha I can't blow dry him, I won't be able to kennel dry him and on top of it I had to call him back early so he could hold him for a nail trim..ugh

    What do you do with dogs like this? Do you muzzel? if so, what fits on their fat faces?? I'm thinking I should just get a set of E-collars so atleast he can't get me.

    Also, I would like to start adding on some sort of paw treatment. We live in the south and even my dog has cracked and dry pads and I don't know where to get something for it. I've seen it mentioned here but not knowing what it's called my searches bring me to those nail caps lol not what I'm looking for =)

    Thank you!

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    I have a couple of dogs that doesn't like the HV in the face, even though I use only one motor on a Pro II. What I do is just step back 2-3 feet away from the dog and point the flat nozzle towards their face. Generally, they will look directly at the force of air, thinking, I guess, they are sticking their head out the window. Since the English Bulldog's face has very short hair, and many wrinkles, just wipe their face with a towel, paying particular attention to the inside of the folds.

    Tropiclean has a line out called "Spa". They have a Bubble Bath Paw Treatment which is advertised to clean, sooth and revitalized the paws. (

    Happy soaking your tootsies

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      Thank you =) This little boy is quite ferocious about the dryer even near his chest so hopefully taking a step back may crazy dogs


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        So you HAVE to dry his face? Just wondering if you toweled him off with one those quick dry towels, especially his wrinkles, if he'd be okay with just drying on the sides and back. Oh and I love nose butter for the bully breeds...don't know why they so often get chapped noses


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          Get Musher's Secret for feet. It's a musher's wax, designed for cold conditions, obviously, but it will help protect the skin for any extreme conditions.


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            This is where my stand dryer comes in handy. I can dry another part of the dog while it gently blows on the head


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              You may also find that you'll be able to dry him in the mobile because the dogs stress level is usually a lot lower, no external stimuli, etc. You'll be calmer because you're just dealing with him, no barking dogs, phone ringing, clients coming in, crazy co-workers, you get the picture.
              Another option on the smooth coats is to put them on the floor and then hold the dyer, nozzle off, towards them. Just kinda circulates the air but in a half hour they'll be dry. Charge for the time of course.


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                i'd get some Quadruped leave in or SS QuickDry. do a thorough towel off, generous mist, then leash him up and take him for a "potty walk". this is a method i've used to dry off big foofy jerks who can only handle so much drying.

                OR!! Duh, even better. bring a big box fan with you and have it on before you get out of the van to go get him. then put him in direct line of the fan after the bath. ive noticed with chicken dogs that if the dryer is already on when they walk in the room it isnt such a SHOCK (as opposed to going from silence to VROOOOOM"

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                  Where do you all buy these supplies? Ive only ever purchased through petedge.

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                    Generally through the maker themselves. Some common multi retailers for groomers include Ryanspet, groomerschoice, groomersmall, show seasons.


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                      Agree about finding him more calm in Mobile. You could also try a human dryer. I have a small one that I call my "baby dryer" as I sometimes use it on the dogs that freak out for the Hv dryer. Sometimes it makes no difference but a lot of dogs are ok with that on the face. I'd just count your blessings that it's a bull dog and not a Maltese or something with long hair on its head and chest! If you towel the face and chest really well before drying the rest of the body it should be mostly dry by the end! If you don't have a cool dry, try the cool setting on the human dryer. I have a bulldog that is really sensitive to heat. He does fine with cool air. Can't hurt to try!

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                        Quadruped Leave in is their site. My friend has a fold up cage in her mobile and sets it up as needed for these kind of dogs.


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                          I use a regular fan. I groom a poo mix that will not let me blow dry him. I put the fan on the table, and he dries fast and doesn't mind it.