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    Anyone using Smart Service by My Service Depot? I am a new mobile groomer and looking for a program that both integrates with Quickbooks and has Geo-aided scheduling. The company president claims to have over 1400 mobile grooming customers but I have not found anyone using it. Please speak up if you use it and like it or had negative experiences.


    David @ Phat Dawgz Mobile Grooming

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    never heard of it and I did a ton of research on this topic. Maybe the company meant they have one groomer using it with 1400 clients..


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      I haven't heard of it either and have been researching software for dog grooming and appointment making for months.

      ask him for a list of company names - even a short list would help.

      I'm interested if it works.

      I keep thinking about using so my clients can book their own appointments online but with routing it's a problem. They say I can add a field that could determine which available appointments they see. I added a neighborhood field and thought I could force clients of one neighborhood to book on the same day and clients of another to book on a different day and so on. Or maybe I want to be in my neighborhood for the first appointment of each day - or maybe even the first and last appointment of each day. I don't know. I just don't want to have to shlep uptown and them downtown and then uptown again.


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        I am mostly interested in the geographic scheduling aspect of their software and the fact it self populates data to quickbooks.

        OK so I asked for references and they only gave me one. It is an Aussie Pet Mobile in CA. I would like to add a few vans down the road but for now there is just one to schedule. I really do not think that is a good reference because I'm sure that they are booking appoints for multiple vans (more than 2-3). I will contact the reference but I want to get some feedback beforehand. I also am asking for a reference that started using their software with just one unit. My concern is their software may be overkill for a groomer working for herself. I believe if I had a fleet with a full time dispatcher It would be a no-brainier. Please go ahead and shoot me your questions/concerns.


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          Any luck with that?


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            Wow imagine one groomer trying to serve that many. I doubt the has 1,400 mobilers using this product. Maybe downloaded, maybe other types of mobile businesses, but groomers? Nah.

            Originally posted by Downtowndogs View Post
            never heard of it and I did a ton of research on this topic. Maybe the company meant they have one groomer using it with 1400 clients..


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              Maybe instead of going to school to be a dog groomer, I should become a scheduler and work from home.....LOL


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                Old thread, but good point. Over the years there have been groomers that setup scheduling businesses hoping that mobile groomers would let them take calls and schedule for them. Not a bad idea but never saw it take off. They would certainly need quite a few mobilers to support them, didn't happen.
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