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Thinking Of Going Mobile... Need Help!!!

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  • Thinking Of Going Mobile... Need Help!!!

    I am seriously considering opening my own mobile salon. There isn't any in my area so I know it would go over well. After seeing how much a unit costs, my dad wants me to build my own grooming trailer. My question is this: Not including the tub, table, dryer,tanks and cabinet space, what else needs to go into a mobile unit? Is there anything you use that you find to be a necessity and you couldn't live without it?
    Another question: How do you break down the charges? Aside from the dog itself (bath,nails,cut, etc), what else goes into your pricing? Obviously, you need to charge for gas/milage but how much do you charge?
    Oh one more thing... How far do you drive to groom a dog? For example I was thinking like 25 mile radious? Would that be to much, to little?? As you can see I have little experience with this part!!! Any input would be helpful!!! THANK YOU!!!

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    an air conditioner you will need one for sure as it gets very hot when drying the pets and also a heating system for the winter time as it gets very cold in there too,maybe a super sudser and for sure a shop vac as it makes it easy to clean,now on how you price the pets i guess that depends on how much money you want to make and how much your overhead is going to be example: overhead 1200 month and you want to make 4000 for you add that up=5200 a month that means you have to make a minimum of 1300 a week that means you need to make at least 260 dollars a day 5 days a week it comes down to 52 dollars per dog at least if you groom 5 dogs a day 5 days a week does it make sense or not and all the numbers are just examples not true figures it's all going to depend on how much money you need to make.