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I would love to talk with people who do mobile grooming in the

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  • I would love to talk with people who do mobile grooming in the

    Raleigh area or in other close parts of north carolina. Is there a big demand for the service around here? What do you base your prices on? How do you deal with the crazy traffic or do you just work in a certain area?

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    If you need help I've been mobile in eastern NC for23 years...glad to help..Mobile champion in Atlanta 94,95,96


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      Hey I am in eastern NC also

      Been around this area for about 10 years or so,,,,lets chat, I also have a good friend that is also mobile in the same area as I am....Very cool......Always looking to hook up and help out anyone in our area.....


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        in nc

        hi. i am just outside raleigh and mobile but seriously dreaming of stationary salon. the demand is huge. the customers are awesome. i just feel like i could do more stationary. i'm limited by how spread out everything is. hubby says i have good business and should be happy but i just always wanted my own salon with retail, etc.


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          In the Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay, and Raleight areas

          I just moved to the area about a year ago and have been in business for about five months, doing it out of my house with pick up and delivery service. I'am hoping to be mobile by the springtime, did that up in New York for 16 years. Just wanted to say hi and speak to any others in my area, thanks.