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What do you do when the neighborhood you are moving to..

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  • What do you do when the neighborhood you are moving to..

    Doesn't allow commercial vehicles on your property? Do you store your van somewhere else? How do you fill it up with water and where do you empty it???

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    location, location, location

    Well, in my case I have to have my rig at my location, due to it needing to be plugged in at night to charge batteries (Inverter)...I have been in this position...and If I can't have my rig at my location...then I won't move there. Simple as that. there are a lot of olaces that will allow a commercial rig. You just have to look around. HOA's usually do not allow a commercial rig. Mobile parks...the same thing.

    I guess it just depends on how bad you want to live in a up-sacle neighborhood, or a little farther out.


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      If you have to deal with this, try finding a close by storage place that has parking for RVs. I looked into this when it looked like my neighborhood was leaning that way, it was like $40/month (no hookups). If you need hookups, you will have to find an RV storage place. The prices around here were like $100 month for hookups. You would need hookups if you have to plug in overnight in the winter. Possibly you could use a non hookup space during the summer for cheaper and then move to a hookup space when it is time.

      I would probably swing by the house after i finished the day and fill up with water so that everything was ready for the morning. I just hate doing things in the morning. Not the best situation, but it is workable if you are organized.


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        This is a growing trend. The mid range communities worse

        This is a growing trend that probably 1/4 of my clients face. Keep in mind that there is always someone in the "hood" who feels like they need the mental power boost of being the neighborhood watch dog of rules. It's a good indicator of a special kind of social problem for them but they are there so you have to work with it rather than fuss. These self appointed watchdogs usually don't fully understand the rules so make sure you know the rules to the letter of the contract not by verbal from other members because they will vary from 'hood to 'hood.

        Most don't have a problem with you going home in it for periods of time. Overnight and all day seem to be the target issues. Several of my clients go home for supper and restock. Some even complete their evening battery "top off" charge by plugging in during this super/restock time. Is this enough charge time? Depends on the type of inverter system and format. Alternator connected systems charge while driving and greatly reducce the charge time so mine usually need 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to top off. As for the Generator formats, I would plug in while at home to prevent drawing any more attention than required even if the HOA says you can park for short periods of restock time. Turning on the gen regardless to how quiet you think it is draws attention. Remember that you are also a member of the association and you can move to have rules changed if you play the right political games. Remember the fly/honey/vinager rule. Be sweet, firm and informed.


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          Free H2O at Fire Stations

          I live in a mid level HOA/condo- water is issue as in dry seasons outside spigots turned off due to H2O conservation laws. I just learned that local fire houses allow you to fill up fresh H2O tanks for free. Just thought I'd pass this nugget of info on......


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            Well I wonder why you chose this as a place to live,but I am not in your shoes.I live out side my city limits,and as Curtis mentioned I have a neighborhood "watch" dog (aka,pita),lol They don't complain about my van,but if I go for a walk,or what ever I usually have some sort of encounter w/them.The sad thing is they are SLUM lords,driving my property value down,driving crime rate up,at the same token they are looking to see whats going on.To bad they don't realise that they are supporting the problem.If it's not to late,I would really reconsider your move as there rules won't stop at your rig.they will dictate and run your life!I don't know about you,but I go through enough goat ropes and hoops that I don't care to add a marathon of regulations to my only refuge;my den.Ok,sory I might have ranted,been there and done it ty,good luck.


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              If it is a done deal, perhaps you can make arrangements with a friend to park, fill (plug) at their home. Find out what it would cost & do a cash/trade deal. Where ever you park, find out if you will have 24/7 access.


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                I just went through a ton of **** with my HOA. Needless to say, I now park my van at a Rv storage facility a few miles from my home. They let me refill and dump my water on the location. I'm currently looking for a new home to move to in May. The number one priority for the new home is unrestricted land. What is really sad is, the people who yelled and screamed at me about my brand new WNT van moved away the next week. Go figure. Now I have neighbor issues. I don't want any anymore. Give me lots of land with a really big fence around the whole thing!


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                  build a big garage!!! (funny ha ha)


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                    Oh you dont want neighboors. They will put up a fuss even if you could park the rig there. People are jelous of other peoples good fortune. You have your act together and they dont. If you could find a place with few neighboors that would be best.
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                      Originally posted by scullysmom View Post
                      build a big garage!!! (funny ha ha)
                      I tried to do just that, but couldn't because i border wetlands. though the judge who lived on the other side had no problem putting a septic sysytem in.
                      i was given permission by the city 6 years ago when i started, so technically i am grandfathered in. i live in a residentail zone , no HOA. the city could give me a hard time if they wanted to and there are no RV parks around here. There are ways around it. One is having removable magnetic signs. Once the signs are removed , it is no longer a commercial vehicle. If it became a problem for me. I would remove my signs altogether, which would not be bad anyway as I not accepting new customers. But this is danbury, ct and the rules that apply here may not apply somewhere else.
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