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  • RV living and mobile grooming

    Is anyone out there RV living full time and bringing their grooming business with them? My husband is retiring in 3 years and we are thinking of selling our home and buying a "home on wheels". I would really love to talk with someone who is living their dream and bringing their grooming business on the road with them. If you are that person or know of anyone who is doing this, I would really like to hear from you.

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    Have also thought about this

    Has anyone ever done this? I would also like to know if it has worked out for anyone.


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      What an amazing idea! My folks are RVers and love the lifestyle. I remember getting referrals from a nearby RV park--so many of the RV people have little dogs. You could groom at each place you stopped at! I don't know if anyone's ever done it, but it sounds like so much fun. Hope it works out for you!


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        If you are always on the go, how would you be able to operate a business legally. Registering your business everytime you move would be a real headache. How would your business liability insurance work???? Just some things to think about.


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          Did you ever end up doing this?


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            I heard there is a pair of groomers that circle Florida. They have an RV and pull their grooming trailer. I do not know the name of their business, but they hit the RV parks and such. Evidently they have a good thing going and have regular clients booked, they just make a loop around the state and have a set route. I heard about them close to a year ago, not sure if they are still in business...I thought it was a pretty cool idea and must have been really tough to build up that clientele.


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              Once when we first published From Problems to Profits and it encouraged others to really take managing quite seriously a groomer called us and took some seminars with us privately. She bought a RV and wanted to see the USA for what turned out to be 5 plus years. She would go to a state she wanted to visit, buy an existing salon for sale not doing so well, redo it and get it going and sell it with a copy of our book. She was a millionaire groomer at the end of 5 years and got to see the USA living out of her RV. Interesting lady.
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