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    Hi everyone, not sure if this is posted elsewhere, but can't find it. I'm wondering, can anyone please share with me how long it took your mobile buisness to take off? as in a full schedule on at least three days a week? I'm going to be having a baby any time now and am looking to start up a grooming buisness, would be so great to be able to groom on weekends and evenings and be able to be home with the baby. I'm trying to decide between a mobile or home grooming but I need to have enough income within a few months time to at least be able to cover the basic bills. If I go mobile, I'd buy the unit outright, so expenses would be low. I live in the Northwest, and there are several mobile companies in the phone book, but I'm sure there is room for another, not to mention neighboring communities. Any suggestions? thoughts? advice? I'd sure appreciate it! Is it reasonable to think I could have enough clients within 3-6 months to have a full schedule on at least three days a week? I would advertise in local papers and start up a website, etc. Thanks SO much for your help!

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    I'm not sure about your area, but within 6 months I was fully booked 5 days a week. I started advertising 3 weeks before I picked up my van, and I was doing 18 dogs a week from the start. Do you have clilents that are planning to follow you in your new business adventure? I definitley think your goal is dooable.
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      If you can afford to buy a unit outright, for sure go that way! You can charge more, groom at a more relaxed pace and work whatever schedule you want without people bugging you at home. That is just my opinion, it seems easier. As long as you do your homework for advertising ahead of time, you should have no problem getting as busy as you are wanting.


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        It took me about 6 months to get up and running, but I started my business in October which gets you really busy in November and December then drops off in Jan - Feb.
        I did quite a bit of advertising to start that I'd say most was a big waste of money.
        Where in the Northwest are you?