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  • WNT Elite owners ?'s

    I was looking at a used Elite on line and in the rear utility area there was some sort of pump looking thing bungee corded down ...what the bells is that thing....also I saw 3 water hoses....what's up with that??

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    It may have been the air compressor for the Cosmos system (and also the inside air nozzle to blow hair out of the cutters), if it was on the very right hand side.

    As for the 3 hoses, not quite sure there - there are two "lines" on the left hand side coming up from the actual Cosmos system tanks that then go through the "wall" and come out into the bathtub itself.

    Take a look in my pictures in my profile, I have some pictures of the equipment in the rear utility room (but can't remember if I posted any of these specific items).

    Hope this helps...


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      Probably the cosmos system. I have one i don't use it though.

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