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hanvey vs wagn tails

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  • hanvey vs wagn tails

    I have been in the mobile biz for four years with a classic wagn' tails which I really like. But I'm thinking about changing eventually and am curious about hanvey...I like the mileage a lot more!!! any input from other mobile groomers? Really would appreciate hearing from hanvey owners too. Thanks

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    Hanvey Vans.....

    I recently purchased one this month. I have to wait for 12 wks for the conversion. I am getting the 2500 sprinter. I will keep you posted how it turns out. I get it the first part of April. I live in Austin Texas and i have seen these vans EVERYWHERE. Fed Ex has them. Also, Aussie Pet Mobile has these vans. They are shipped from England to several Dodge dealerships. Hanvey is just the conversion part of it. The van cost new was about 36,000.00 and the conversion was 34,000.00 to 35,000.00. If you want more info call Egolf Motors in Hendersonville, NC.

    EDITED, we don't put other peoples emails or phones here for scammers, and it will happen. The conversion from Hanvey's (they are a sponsor, see link on, speak with Lorraine, thats Curtis Hanvey's wife. Good Luck!


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      I just got my wagn tails bus the elite in december. I looked at both hanvey and wagn tails. I liked wagn tails a whole lot better. The van just seemed very small and dark and it was hard to get in and out of. If I were you I would recommend you look at the wagn tails elite its the best. It is huge inside and there is more than enough storage.


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        The thing, IMO, about the Elite is the thing is HUGE!!! Look at that van going down the road!! It is almost as tall as a tractor trailer rig!!! There are a lot of places I go to that I couldn't use that van. Not that it isn't a very nice van but the gas milage and size make it impractical for my usage. You can get a step/running board for the Sprinter and Curtis will install eye-level windows for you if you ask. I have to have the windows so I don't crawl the walls LOL!! Good luck to you!!!


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          wagntails vans

          I wish wagntails offer a sprinter model,I think they would make a pretty good one!


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            My Hanvey Sprinter

            I have a 2007 Sprinter 2500 +4. I LOVE IT, I average about 26.5 mpg. I get so many compliments on my van. Lorraine and Curtis are the BEST!!! I posted pics on the picture of Mobiles section.

            I really did my research prior to buying my Sprinter.


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              Wow 36,000 for the Sprinter and 34 to 35,000 for the conversion? I would go with the Elite for that price. It's so much bigger. Again though if bigger isn't better for you, I'd consider the Sprinter. Price wise the elite seems so much better, for the money. Just an opinion!


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                I prefer the Sprinter over the other vans just because of the gas mileage. That was a big factor when purchasing it in 2002/2003. I honestly don't know how anyone can afford to actually put fuel in those ambulance style vans...v10s get horrible mileage.


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                  I have a Hanvey Sprinter +4 and I love it. It's easy to drive, to clean up at the end of the day, the equipment is top notch, the mileage is awesome, but best of all I have basically unlimited power and no gen.


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                    gee you peeps with the sprinters must have some big bucks sugar daddies!! wow...ya'll better be nice to those boys!!!


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                      The sprinter actually isn't by about $10k more than the WNT pet pro. With gas prices near $3/gallon and comparing a vehicle that gets 6 mpg compared to one that gets 25+, it would not take long at all to make up the difference just in saved fuel costs. Then add in the lack of cost for generator maint and you really do save more. When I replace my WNT, it WILL be with a sprinter, hopefully WNT will get on board and start building on a sprinter, but if not, I WILL be getting one elsewhere. The generator maint isn't cheap either. Oil changes if done by a shop are $90 and tune ups are $250. They have to have an oil change every 150 hours and a tune up every 450-500. It does add up fast. I cover a large area and spend $35-55 per DAY right now in gas alone.

                      I would have SAVED a bundle had I gotten the sprinter!



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                        I love my pet pro love all the natural light that comes in.With gas prices sky rocketing and no signs of slowing down the Sprinter would have been more practical purchase choice.It would have been much cheaper in the long run.


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                          I don't know....I just don't like the Hanvey vans. I don't like the way they're set up and the fact that they're all grey and industrial like inside. I can't see myself happy working in there. I need windows on both sides too. They are also no way tall enough for someone almost 6 feet. My hair touches the ceiling. Its just feels awful.

                          I also have spoken with 3 diffent men who own sprinters in their business and they all said the same thing...that the money they have saved on gas is wiped out by the fact that they have all had to have problems with brakes in less than a year, and have cost around $800 to fix, along with other issues.

                          I assume, because they're diesel that there are glow plugs involved, which means plugging them in along with plugging in the rest of the van? Putting the van to bed at night, for me, in the winter is already a pain in the butt.

                          I guess to each his own. I'd rather have to groom 2 extra dogs a week to make up the gas difference....and I'm still not convinced an inverter would work for me. I wish there was someone in CT that had one so I could check it out in real world situation.
                          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                            I think it must depend on the conversion. One of my groomers is 5'8 and her hubby is over 6ft. and he rides along with her frequently and they are okay in our sprinter. As far as plugging in, I only plug in one plug at night (it is a regular extension cord that plugs into the back of van and I plug it into the back of the shop) for charging my inverter batteries over night.

                            I fill up my van 1 a week sometimes twice. It costs me about $60 and we average about 6-8 dogs a day. We always leave the van running for air conditioning (the van battery also operates the back air conditioning unit) since we live in Florida.

                            I liked my grey and white interior because I saw it as a Blank canvas. My graphics guy added paw prints going across the walls. Also, I hung a chalkboard for quick note taking if someone calls.


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                              hanging on walls

                              How easy is it to hang stuff on the walls? Did you add any permanent storage? Does anyone have a stand dryer that attaches to the table? So many questions!