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    I just went to W2 with my shop and called about workers comp to add to my insurance I already have and boy was I shocked!
    I use Governors and wanted to know what everyone else uses. Anyone recommend another company so I can compare rates? It’s expensive. I have 7 employees and they want 5000 a year. Sounds high to me but I don’t know.


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    That could be correct. WC is typically expensive. Many states offer it without using a private company. Get a quote from your state fund or similar state source. Remember the rate can be based upon your experience with work-related injuries. If you have more than average work-related injuries in your business, expect to pay more. Also, HOW does your state or source rank the work hazards of pet groomers? Rates are generally higher the more "risky" the occupation.

    Most rates are applied the gross wages. If one groomer is making $36,000 a year, I would guesstimate the cost of WC for this one groomer to be roughly $400 to $700 a year. That's a wide range isn't it? But it costs more in some states because the profession is considered more hazardous. Some states simply have much higher prices than others. And down the line, the more work-related accidents you have you may see higher rates. One VERY rough figure thrown around is 1.25% to 1.5% of gross payroll wages.
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      Thank you for the info.. I’ve never had a claim because it’s new to me but they did say pet grooming is higher hazard.


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        When I had my strip mall shop, workers comp was paid to the state (Wash),and it was based on the number of hours worked, not salary. Yes, grooming is more. Because it was a grooming shop, and DIY dog wash, my receptionist was considered a 'groomer'. She did look after the self serve, but workers comp didn't really know what to do with it as it was the first one in Wash. She was charged as a groomer instead.
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          Like Karla, I’m in Washington State also. Workman’s Comp is based on hours worked and is paid to the State quarterly. A percentage is also deducted from the employees paycheck.
          We don’t pay to an Insurance Company as you are suggesting.
          I suppose different States have different rules.

          I would suggest that you hire a CPA. They will know the ins and outs on all your taxes.


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            When I managed at a previous salon workers comp was always paid to NYS quarterly, similar to WA like Karla & Dogma. Yes it is very expensive. We had a couple incidents at the salon, a cat bite and a dog bite (2 separate occasions) and we seen quite a hike in premiums. This is usually the reason why you see some employers trying to encourage injured employees to not go seek medical attention and to just do home care which is highly unethical IMO & probably borderlining being illegal.
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              I got my workers comp through pet business insurance after shopping Governors and a few other places. I think the price depends on how many hours each of one your employees are working and the state so really the best thing to do is shop it with a agencies to find the best price.


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                Most insurance companies offer it. Just call around. Here in Nevada it used to be paid to the state, but they made it private many years ago.