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Insurance advise needed please

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  • Insurance advise needed please

    Hello, I am going mobile and recently purchased a grooming trailer and will be financing a newer vehicle to tow it with.
    I’m confused about how the insurance works. Do I use the same company to insure the grooming trailer as the vehicle also?

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    Since you’re going mobile I’m going to guess you’re self-employed. If that’s the case you should have an insurance person you use to assist you rather then going online and buying something. At th very least I’d check directly with Governors Insurance ( you’ll probably find a link on the main page of this forum)since they’ve been assisting groomers with insurance needs for decades.

    P.S. you’ll also want to build a relationship with an accountant to help with business taxes, A lawyer to guide you through any of the business requirements and to cover liability issues, and a good banker to help with loans if needed.

    Good luck and I do hope you have a great time with your new trailer and vehicle.


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      I had the same question. Here is a great article that talks about mobile dog grooming insurance. I talk to agents from Choice Plus Insurance or Pet Business Insurance and they actually got me insurance for my vehicle at one place and a BOP for my business that included animal bailee coverage because it was cheaper rather than both policies from one insurance company.