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  • Hydro-Baths

    I have read some of the forums and it seems that their is interest in the Hydrobaths but no one knows too much about them! Here's the scoop!

    The gentleman that made Hydrobaths in Australia owned Conmurra Pty. Ltd. in Adelaide, South Australia and in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. He was the largest Hydrobath manufacturer. Over there everyone has hydrobaths! Pet owners (one in the carport), breeders, show dog people, groomers, vet's is unreal! Hydrobath is a household word. I was amazed at how many mobile bathing businesses there are in Australia. In Brisbane alone there is almost 100 listed in the yellow pages and everyone is busy!

    That is why I started my Hydro-Groom Mobile Pet Wash business! I saw what was going on over there! Jim who sold his business in Australia and now makes them in North Carolina. He ships hydrobaths and his other products all over the world. He sells Hydro0Groom Mobile Pet Wash franchises. OR Grooming Trailers OR Sprinter conversions OR grooming equipment!

    The hydrobath does all the work! The dogs enjoy the massaging (kinda like getting a their back rubbed but all over!) The bath cleans from the skin out instead of from the dirt in! It takes only a fraction of shampoo, because the dogs are cleaned like we clean our carpets... a little shampoo, water and water pressure. It is the water pressure that acts like little fingers doing the work! Of course since you do not have all those suds it takes alot less water to rinse! I think the massaging really makes a difference in the condition of the skin and the coat!

    The massing also helps get out dead coat which makes my job easier! The hydrobath is doubled filtered. The water is filtered after it runs off the dog and again before in goes into the suction. Without realizing it I was using 50+ gallons of water to wash a dog. Now I use between 5 and 8 gallons per dog! It is truly amazing....especially now that I am mobile. No wonder salons and schools love the hydrobath...there must be a tremendous difference in thier water usage!

    I love it because I know that on my long days the last dog gets the same attention that the first one got no matter how tired I am!

    I can't say enough good things about the hydrobath. They last for years and have me a lot of money!