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  • Open a Golden Paws School in Your Area

    How would you like to substantially increase the income in your professional Pet Salon with very little investment? We are offering a turnkey program licensing individuals the “Golden Paws” training method. Along with providing extensive training and step-by-step instructional material, we will assist you in a complete school set up. Look at these features we offer to help you, 1) Provide a proven training program, 2) Obtain state accreditation, 3) Tool Distributorships, 4) Marketing – What works, 5) All program Material, Tests, Forms, and Support Material, 6) Financing avenues for your students and 7) 40 years of school operational experience and support. Teaching someone to become a pet stylist is very complicated, but with the Golden paws step-by-step instructional method, it becomes so easy! Based on our many years of teaching experience, we have put a complete school package together. Our goal is to create the desire on the part of anyone who wants training in pet styling to seek a “Golden Paws” licensed school! Each school will have a defined, exclusive territory!

    If you have a sincere desire to give students the best training and you would enjoy contributing to raising the standards in the pet styling field, as well as adding substantial profit to your business. See for more information.
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    We actually interviewed and tested a graduate from Golden Paws and she had pretty good knowledge.


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      My boss did too.


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        I know a graduate of theirs. 300 hours and she got good basics and they only had a 3 students, so lots of one of one. Miami.