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  • For those of you using Pet123

    I am looking at using this software for my book keeping and have played around with it and it seems like it takes a long time to check out a client. Does it or am I just not used to using it?

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    It doesn't take me long at all to check a client out. But I do just do the basics. I just put in if they are paying check,cash or charge and how much. Then hit the check out button. Maybe some others here will have more info. for you.


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      Not too long.

      I use it only for booking appointments. I do not use the G/L features or do any of my bookkeeping (I export my clients into Quickbooks)
      But it doesn't take long to check out a client. I just click the time I completed the dog, collect the money, type in the check amount and hit check-out or rebook if another appointment is set. If a tip is added I do go through the process of settling the tip, but it is not necessary at the time of checking out if you are in a hurry.


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        I have the software, and to me it takes more time to set them up than it does to check them out. Once all your client info is entered it goes rather quickly, but lately I haven't even had time to do that, Im checkn in and out fast as I can the old fashion way. I need to get back to the software...


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          I use it for everything but running credit cards. The only thing that takes time is entering the tip amount and then going into the tip record and settling it when I give it to the groomer. I did try two other programs prior to getting the pro version of 123pet. I decided on 123 because they were easier.


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            Checking out a client is very easy and quick once you have them set up. What I usually do is get the client to sign my release form and then I fill in the details after. You only have to set up a client if they are new but once they are in your database its just a matter of bringing up their name.

            I personally love the software it does everything I need but there are people who hate it--I guess it's just a matter of getting used to the way it works and how to make it work for you. Personally, I hate the way it books clients--I use Outlook to do bookings but I use 123Pet for everything else. It's especially great for retail.


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              123 Pet is great for email reminders too!

              I co-designed 123Pet along with a some other groomers who helped with input on what the software needed to make it work for groomers. Originally, it was a hair salon software that I found. I worked with the programmers to develop it to the program it is today. I love everything about it including the automatic email reminder setup. I rarely have no-shows now and I never have to spend time on the phone reminding customers of their next appt. I spend more time making money now instead of preparing to make it. Works for me.


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                question vivilee, what about 123 bookings do you not like?
                I just purchased the program, still getting clients put in. Taking me long because of my carpel tunnel and using the pc for too long, well hurts!
                But here are a few questions maybe someone can answer that I have. I haven't had a chance to call them.

                How do you give your groomers their assignments for the day? Dogs, what gets done to them, etc. Is there something or somewhere that will print up the groomers daily schedule and what gets done?

                Also where do you put in the pets, base price for grooms? I'm not seeing that either.

                And... can it work with an existing cash register?


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                  I'd like to know if there's a prompt or alert you can set for when their rabies vacc. are expired? Or when they want a call? I just set up the VIP program that From Problems recommends, and now I have to think of some way to keep track of the people who want to do the courtesy call option. Right now I'm just going to make an appt for the day I'm supposed to call them and then reschedule it that day.
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                    It does take a while to get used to but it does everything. I generally just have the appointment book during the day because not all groomers want to use it and just enter the dogs at the end of the day. I like it because it runs your payroll and the groomers can look and see how much they are earning at any given time, they are on comission.