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  • Selling client list

    Has anyone on the forum sold their client list and then just sold their equipment separately?

    I own the building that my shop is in, but I am going to sell it. I think I'll have better luck selling the parts of my business instead of the whole.

    If you did this, how did you go about it?

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    Selling client lists only based on lots of experience is not so great. Let me put it this way I have seen more sales of a grooming business with the building than client lists only. But the other major factor is HOW MUCH. I have seen client lists only go for $5K but don't count on it. It is going to have to be someone that either wants to relocate where you operate, or is already there. So many times it is bought by a groomer who is already there and is looking for a good buy. Lots of time I have seen buildings sell the business doesn't sell and then here at the petgroomer ads the ENTIRE shop contents is sold off. Dozens of things and yes everything seems to sell used eventually.


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      Thanks. I'm in a position where I own a building that has two commercial sites and two residential apartments. My shop in one of the commercial sites. I am relocating out of state and need to sell both. The chance of another groomer wanting to come in and buy a building like that is pretty slim, although I did it 5 years ago. I would love to know that my clients are well cared for by selling the list to a good groomer.

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        Oh I wish I could have found something like that! I'd rather put my money into my business and residence than paying a mortgage plus lease and$30,000 renovations. I'm at my business's so much anyways I might as well live upstairs. I groomed today from 8-5, then organized new product shipments till 7 then went to gym whew!

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          It is worthy to try. I have seen lists sell. There was a study of that on the board here by someone, I do remember that and they kept almost every customer. Tootsie bought a mobile business with Eilte I saw that thread not long ago. She kept almost every customer. But when you sell you have to realize a moderate price because for shops they are not as likely to keep all of them.