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Corporate VS. Locally Owned (Which do you prefer & why?)

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  • Corporate VS. Locally Owned (Which do you prefer & why?)

    I just switched from a corporate job, to a locally owned grooming shop. I didn't like things about corporate. I will be making 50% com (same as corporate). It will be 15-20 minutes closer to home. I havnt yet started my new job, But I'm looking forward to it!

    Please post your stories what you've worked for & if you liked it. What you liked & what you didn't like.

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    Started with a 'small' (7 hospitals over 2 counties) privately held company. Was classified by them as an independent contractor at 50%. Paid my own taxes, insurances, and had to deal with the strange workings of the main office issuing paychecks , I.e., not able to get a check if one of the president of the company was off site, which he almost always was; the check amounts would be in error since the bookkeeper was a flake ( more on that in another thread); hospital office manager who was responsible for submitting numbers to payroll was found to be a crook. On top of that I paid for my own product since the stuff the clinic used was ****.
    Business was sold t VCA, large corporate buying out smaller clinics all over Country. Became an adjunct employee with them. Now have umbrella liability insurance coverage, medical with dental, retirement investment, they pay for the quality products I want, and I still get 50% AND paid vacation and sick leave days. I won in the deal.
    Now, in honesty, I have found out that of the 21 hospitals they own in this region I am the top producing groomer posting over $130,000 annually just for grooms. That's not including the ancillary monies brought in by vaccines, denials, boarding, etc. th groomers not as busy are probably not as happy with the arrangement since the corporation asks that you put in at least 30 hours a week to remain. Those groomers are asked to assist in other aspects of the clinic to help.fill their hours. But they are paid a flat hourly rate for that time. They make money just not much more than $12 an hour.

    Frankly I can't afford to go back to paying for everything myself at my age. My health insurance costs alone were running close to $700 a month - and I don't go to doctors! My cost now is $65 a month and $15 for dental. The savings in that cost is helping to somewhat restore my retirement account.


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      I learned in my area not to prefer either. I had just as many issues with private grooming business owners, maybe more. My corp 2 years was OK actually, but issues, sure, always are. But I got good benefits, NONE at private, and I worked several private by the way. There were other groomers working there of course and some tried to run the show, really stressful. They only wanted me to have their leftovers. One bossed the boss all day because the boss didn't how to groom. That is why I own my own business and love it. I had to getaway from it all I learned the hard way and think it made me a better boss. If any says all private businesses are better to work at than corp, it is a lie and perhaps just their luck.