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switching from commission to hourly ADVICE PLEASE

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  • switching from commission to hourly ADVICE PLEASE

    I would like to switch from commission to hourly, but i am afraid my groomers are going to have a melt down when I tell them. any advice on hoe to convince them this will be a good thing for everyone? I have 2 amazing groomers that have been with me for years, they are great groomers but because they are on commission they feel they don't have to do anything but groom and don't go out of their way to help the groomer in training or the bathers because they don't get paid for it. i don't feel like my groomers and bathers work as a team, and there is a lot of tension in the salon. we are very busy and usually do about 30 or more dogs a day and are always running late and i think if we all worked together things would go much smoother and we could all finish on time do clean up together and go home are days would be less stressful. Any advice on how to make the switch and explain how this would benefit everyone.

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    admin did a book on this I have at I think Of course they are going to be scared as they think they will make less but admin shows you how to make it equivalent rate. He is a mad scientist on this. Whatever you do, just don't say anything about change now and get them scared get it all altogether first.


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      thanks so much Brit, I think you are right i almost mentioned it today just to put the idea out there but i should have my numbers together first.