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  • Your Location is it?

    In a large strip anchored by BIG businesses?

    A small strip with other small businesses?

    Residential area with a handful of small businesses?

    A stand alone building?

    Mine are...
    Shop #1 small strip with other small businesses.
    Shop #2 residential area with handful of small businesses.

    I found the large strips cost big $$ for lease space.

    Shop #1 is less than $1/sq ft. CHEAP
    Shop #2 is about $1.60/sq ft. Still cheap...but is a small space.

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    I'm on a street with other small businesses, Dr/lawyer offices, YMCA etc. I pay $1 sqft.
    I did look into prices at the other end of town (busier, strip malls etc) and the rent prices were very expensive...even for smaller spaces.
    I like the general area I am in now, and if and when I do move, it will probably be on the same street.
    I would just like to have a parking lot so my clients (especially elderly) don't have to walk so far to get to my shop when all the parking spots are taken up. That and when it snows, it's a pain. Even if I shovel paths through the snow banks, someone will park their car in front of it and my people have to jump a snow bank to get to the sidewalk. I don't like that at all.


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      I am on a street, in a driveway, on a hill, where ever the wind blows me lol. Or where ever the client lives.
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        Grooming Shop Location

        My friends in the city where I used to live, owned a grooming shop in a small strip. They were having some issues with the owners not maintaining the strip. That made the clients not want to take their dogs there. I have owned other business in small complexes that didn't have any traffic and poor parking, and I was absolutely swamped by word of mouth advertising. As long as you are in a fairly convenient, nicely maintained location with good access and good parking, I think clients will come if you run an excellent business. You will not hear the end if you do not have good parking! I would also consider the lease agreement and what it's terms are. The lease is one of the most important parts of accepting a lease as far as I'm concerned. You might want to have your lawer or someone familiar with leases take a look at it. Also the cost of renovations to set up the shop, Plumbing, hot water heaters, septic system, safety. I would also consider the possibility of expanding my business when the time comes. Might there be available space in the area when the time comes? What about your neighboring businesses? If you get one that doesn't like what your business is doing it can be a nightmare, even if you are the better renter! I went through that once, even though the owner was on my side, it was horrible! Hope you have great success!


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          Stand alone building on the corner in the downtown area of our little town.

          We bought the building (paid about $72/sq. ft) but we have a giant ten car parking lot all to ourselves. It's one of the best perks, people always say how convenient the parking is. Location location location!!!


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            My new shop is in a residential area with 3 small strip malls with small businesses. The shop I'm at now is out of a house but it is on a main highway (route)


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              #1 is in a Strip Mall on a busy intersection next to a Vet, Pizza Hut, Dry Cleaners and the best donuts around.

              #2 is in an quiet strip mall usually appointment only places. We have a huge plant nursery in the opposite corner, chiropracter, sewing machine shop and my tattoo guy. Busy main street but nothing to bring them into the center like #1 is. But banners and signs on the building back walls REALLY help!


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                My shop is in a small strip just off a major intersection. Great parking front and back with easy on and off the highway access. A fantastic location with wonderful landlords. I had never thought about the square footage price before but it is less than $1.


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                  I'm in my home which is in a small culdesac off of the main drag of big and small business. It works great.
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                    I own two shops, one is a stand alone (cute old home renovated to a spa like salon) it is located in the historic section of our town. The other is about 10 miles away in a strip mall, no big anchors but constant traffic places (a mom & pop restaraunt, a $1.50 dry cleaner, super cuts, and more).

                    Two TOTALLY different clientele.


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                      Do you think if the parking situation is bad, to offer a pick up drop of service will help? Me and my father were dicussing somethings, because I want to open my own shop. He's willing to use my car to do it, and I really don't have to pay him. My car seems really good for the service to. I have one of those Scion xb's (ya know the box). The only places in my town (which is like a small city) that I could rent are in places that a hard to find parking. I look at these places and think, I would never go to a store there unless there offering something I truly need. Any advice would help.


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                        Mary- Pick-up and delivery can be good or bad, depending upon how it's done. First, check to see what kind of extra insurance you'll need for your dog-toting vehicle "just in case." Also be sure your dad is really willing to do this for you or you'll have to deal with breaking up your schedule, possibly leaving dogs at your shop unattented, etc. to make runs yourself. Make a plan and talk to your dad about the number of dogs you're prepared to take in each day, approximately how many dogs will need to be run back and forth and when, how far away the trips may be from your shop, how much extra gas your vehicle may consume making these trips, wear and tear on your vehicle, if you'll be charging an extra fee for this service, etc.

                        Regarding the difficult parking, you can space out appointments to avoid multiple clients showing up at the same time. You said about the shops that you would never go there unless they were offering something you needed... for these people, if you are the right groomer for their pet(s)... you ARE offering them something they need!


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                          Thank you so brang up alot of points I didn't think about. Your always so full of great information. I truly appreciate it.


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                            My boss wanted to offer pick-up and drop off but the insurance liability was to high.


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                              I'm in a shopping center with Big anchors. Red Lobster, Olive Garen Coffee Beanery etc. I have a 1,200 SQFT size space for not so cheap rent due to location but thankfully my lease is up SOON. I can't wait to move somewhere else!