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    What companys do you go throw to except credit cards and do you have to by the machines? Is it hard to set them up?

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    when i did accept cards, i went through my bank. probably the most expensive way to go ,but i felt more secure. there is paypal and tons of companies who do discount rates. you will have to do your homework on this one. i bought my machine, but most companies will give you the option of leasing.
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      I use Prodigy. I just switched over to them. They help you set everything up. I own my equipment, but I started by leasing it. It can get expensive. Sometimes you can buy it on Ebay but the companies will try to discourage you from doing that. You can do a search online for merchant services.


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        I went through Merchant Warehouse. I think the only option they offer is to buy the machines, no leasing, but I went with a very basic model and I think it was about $200. Their fees are reasonable and the equipment was very easy to set up.


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          Merchant Warehouse

          I also went thru Merchant Warehouse. It was really (really) simple to set it all up. They claim to match or beat any competitors prices. I bought a new processor, but they do have refurbished ones for cheaper. Let me know if you need any help. I started a similar thread a couple months ago. It's in the home based biz section - there's some more info there. Good luck!


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            I use Heartland Payment Systems; they gave me the equipment, I don't lease it. their rates are the cheapest but it takes about 1-2 days longer than others to get your money posted to your account. they have great customer support.