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  • Station rental???

    I'm considering opening a high end grooming salon and want to rent stations instead of hiring groomers. I've owned a biz before and would like to avoid the pitfalls of employees. I've been grooming for 16 years, I'm tired of working for other people and would love a place where I could just rent a station to take my clients to. I know there has to be groomers out there that want the same. If they rent they are more likely to market themselves to get more clients and uphold a good reputation. Basically a hair salon atmosphere.
    I will provide towels, a basic table and front help. They would pay $100-$125 per week(paid at the 1st of the month), handle their own clients, schedule and have basic liability insurance. For a few dollars more they would have access to online appointment setting software. If they want to sell retail they could do so on consignment. I will offer a credit card machine they enter a code in so the money goes to them. I will have a contract with them that covers the basics like; if they no show the clients will be given to other staff and they keep the money, if rent isn't paid they don't work, they must lock up their stuff and clean their station.

    Ok so I need opinions....cons, worst case scenarios and anything else I may be missing.

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    Great idea but

    So lets say you has 4 booth to rent out, Is there a bather or a front office staff ( for a high end salon there should be)
    does that really cover your cost. Set up washer towels, water utilityes, repairs, rent and som much more.
    I personal feel $200 to $250 is more what it should be for booth rental. That is only $800 per month and a good groomer should bring no less that $240 a day at the least!(that is just 6 dogs at $40) that leaves them over $4500.00 a month. Where are you opening up I will come work for you for just $100 on boothe rental.


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      This may be like the Wrigley's Spearmint gum commercial

      As in "Stop! You're both wrong!", lol.

      No, not really - both numbers can work depending on WHERE you are and how many tables you can rent out.

      However, I have to say that Bow Wow Style is presuming a steady clientele, which may or may not be the case. Also, at $200-250 per week, you must multiply by 4.3 OR specifically state a maximum rent, because $200 per week does NOT equal $800 per month.

      When I start to do a monthly table rental, I believe I will allow for a "per diem" amount so groomers can build their clientele and we both earn according to the amount that they do, without really crippling them in the beginning.

      But there are many ways to work it, depending on the situation. However, $100 per week may ultimately be too low in many areas.


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        I'm with Bow Wow - double your asking price.


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          Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
          As in "Stop! You're both wrong!", lol.

          Also, at $200-250 per week, you must multiply by 4.3 OR specifically state a maximum rent, because $200 per week does NOT equal $800 per month.
          I think she meant per table. $200/week for 4 weeks = $800 x 4 tables would be $3200


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            Debbiedogs is right in the sense of budgeting, forecasting you don't figure there are 4 weeks in a month. There are 52 weeks in a year, which means the average month has 4.3 weeks in it.

            So when you forecast in months don't figure 4 weeks per month, use 4.3. That means there are more working days, and more income, whether you figure the groomer working or rent earned. You will get far more accurate numbers especially when you add it all up for an annual tally. Otherwise you lose 4 weeks because 4 weeks times 12 months is 48 weeks and we know there are 52 weeks in a year.
            Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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              So much mre detail

              Yes to all the above. I did not detail, i average but still you would gain 4 weeks not lose, unless you did month to month. I was thinking week to week and I would also give a week free for vacation. ( if I rented space) does anyone rent space now?) One thing about this trade is a fact. We need to get together on pay scales both for the groomer an;d for the sghop owner.


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                Interested in knowing

                I'm curious about this booth rental too. From what I read on another thread, if you supply towels, shampoo, or they benefit of a paid employee (bather), and etc. they may still be considered employees by the IRS.

                So how do most people run their shop? I see from Bow Wow's pictures that you have several other groomers in your shop - do you pay them commission, hourly, payroll taxes, have to pay workers comp?

                Would you only hire other groomers after you start building a clientele? Or could you start hiring right away as the original poster wants to do?

                Thanks in advance for info I can get on this.


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                  I've done some thinking on this subject as well, but haven't completely done all my homework. When the time is right, however, I believe this is the route I will take to add additional income as opposed to hiring groomers.


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                    If you do decide to rent stations out, do get EVERYTHING in writing down to the smallest detail. I had a awful experience with "renting" a station out. The groomer would leave dogs in the tub and on the table unattended and take off for lunch while leaving kennel dryers on dogs. It was horrible. Ive heard of groomers like that but had never worked with one like that until then. It was hard getting her out because she had a lease to rent the station but my lawyer finally got her out. After she left, she opened up a shop a couple of blocks from me and advertised her new grooming rates of $20/dog. She went out of business a few months later.

                    Remember that you want to protect your good reputation, a bad apple like that could ruin it all. I will never rent a station out again but if you do it, you need to have absolutely every detail in writing.

                    Good luck


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                      Originally posted by onegroovydog View Post
                      I think she meant per table. $200/week for 4 weeks = $800 x 4 tables would be $3200
                      I would even price it higher. A good groomer with a steady clientele can easliy groom $3200 in a week with a bather. How can the salon make any money only renting out the tables. I'm sure the owners over head is going to cost much more than that!

                      I own my own shop now. If I could rent in a high end place and get all the perks you are offering and bring my clients and only pay 200 a week. I would be rolling in the dough! LOL