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  • Credit Card acceptance

    Does anyone have suggestions for good card programs for Mobile groomers ? We are ready to accept but so many to choose from.

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    Costco has a credit card program. It was the lowest one we could get for the $ we are doing - like 1.67% . We also have a machine that is wireless that we rent.

    Costco also has health insurance which we have and offers all kinds of discounts on payroll thru Quickbooks/Intuit etc. They are a one stop small bsns shop. So weird what you can get at Costco these days.


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      IF you use a laptop or have a Blackberry or iPhone, Intuit Payment Solutions is the way to go. Buy a card reader for either your laptop or buy the Bluetooth card reader for the Blackberry or iPhone and you get the qualified rate. 1.69% + .20 per transaction is what we pay. Charge receipts print out on our local printer that also prints our invoices on site.

      Since as a mobile groomer we don't have the volume to justify a wireless merchant services terminal, we pay for ATT Wireless internet and not only get merchant services through the laptop, but also full internet access in the van all day so we can surf the web, read and send e-mail, and listen to our voice mail messages, which our phone carrier converts to sound files and sends as e-mail messages. We can run the whole operation from the van and do just about everything. All for the cost of a machine rental and its associated wireless fees.
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        I love my wireless card too. Sometimes if I have errands and no mod available, I've been known to set my netbook in the grocery cart basket and moderate the board up and down the aisles of the grocery stores, well, through the car wash yesterday too. Super for mobile I am sure as you say, and when you come home (if you also have a home office computer), you can remove the air card from laptops or netbooks you use on the road, and insert it into the home based computers, and you don't need a land based DSL broadband or dialup account.
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