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  • Delays...

    I am getting so frustrated with the delays! We were supposed to open on Monday but nope, then they said Thursday (hubby and my father are doing majority of the work), now here it is Wednesday night, my sign is not hung up, there is no counter yet, my table and all my kennels are not there yet, the tools and equipment from renovating is still in the shop, cleaning just started tonight, still a bit of trim to paint, tub surround was JUST put on...argh!! My father has been working late every day this week, first time he has had to do this in years (what are the chances?), my hubby is ref-ing a hockey game (why could he not get a replacement??) and I am frustrated. I am home with two very cranky baby boys (both have the cold), my babysitter (my mother) is stressed out b/c my 15 year sister is a severe asthamatic with heart failure related complications due to the asthama and is going BACK to the hospital for the third time this week, my 13 year old sister does not want to be home alone and is comin down here..(I live next door)

    Everyone is stressed out, tired out, worried and this is the mess we are trying to open a business in and remain positive! Some days it is tough...

    Thanks I just needed to whine a little.

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    I know the feeling. I was plannig on having my mobile veh. ordered by the end of January, beginning of Feb at the latest. It nearing the end of Feb and my business plan OUTLINE still hasn't been proofread to be handed to the banks. I'm rather miffed. Keep your chin up and know that it will eventually happen. I'm trying to.