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Clients who have one-sided arguments

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  • Clients who have one-sided arguments

    I am sure other groomers have experienced this. A person whose cat I groom every few months told me I was arguing with her and that I was angry. She had called to change an appointment. I felt calm, my voice was calm and quiet. She often changes appointments, so it was no big deal. I was trying to let her know that her cat may need an extra long grooming session. I don't know what to do when a client starts an argument with themselves over what they imagine I am feeling. She seemed to genuinely believe I was angry. She does suffer from depression and chronic pain, as many elderly people do. She dislikes and distrusts all her service providers, including vets, doctors and social workers. What would you have done? (I disengaged. I told her to have a good day and said good bye.) I do feel sorry for her.

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    Is there a magic formula for this situation I don't know. Try changing the subject back to her cat and talk about the cat. How is the cat doing, something light of heart. Changes the mood, and then segue back to the work info you need. I don't know how flex you schedule but with this type customer and after so long I would leave some extra time available and when you get there do an inspection. You then may have to say it is going to take longer than expected, or break it up into 2 sessions. Show her why in person, just go with the flow. You could have told her ahead of time, but you couldn't so this is what you have to put up with if you keep her as a client. Hope it works out.


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      You know second thought since it is months apart, always schedule her for the longer.