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Need help w/contest ideas, giveaway ideas, fb post ideas for the salon page,etc.

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  • Need help w/contest ideas, giveaway ideas, fb post ideas for the salon page,etc.

    Hi everyone,
    Our grooming salon is really trying to come up with promotional ideas for our clients & to also boost our business in our area. We have a Facebook page and we are being active on it by posting our groom pics...but we are wanting to do more on there then juse that. We want to post other things too. I was wondering if any of you have contests that your customers can participate in with your salon?? If so what kind?? Do any of you do any free giveaways for your customers?? If so, what type?? And how do you all go about it?? Would love to hear of any promotional ideas/special package ideas with their bath or groom pkg. Do some of your groomers offer to stay later on your fb page? With holidays approaching I would love to hear all your ideas!! How do you all get your customers to post their own pet pics on fb?? We are really trying and looking to also do contests, promotions, things like this for our customers every month too. Would love to see pics if you have :-) We really want to stay active with our customers and make our Facebook page: fun, interactive, have contests, giveaways, promoting a special service, etc. Coming from a corporate salon to working in a private salon...these questions I have are all new to me, lol! So sorry for all the questions, lol!
    Any suggestions, ideas, would be ever so helpful to us. I look forward in hearing from you all.

    Many thanks everyone!!
    :-D -Kamakigirl-

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    First of all, what you have mentioned will "turn around and bite you in the butt" down the road. Grooming dogs/cats is not a "fun day at the park", but a serious business. Most clients want their pets professionally groomed, in the shortest time possible, then they want to go on with their lives. Give-aways, promotions, contests, and discounts is not a way to build a solid client base, and a horrible way to "train" clients that all groomers should be giving away their services. Good customer service and good grooming is what you should be striving for that will lock in your clients for the life of their pet. Just remember, most of your clients will not be in their 20's so they may not have the time or interest to FB your grooms.

    Happy good grooming

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      The majority of my clientele are retired or pretty darn close. While I am not as active w fb as I should be something fun is always nice. Fun as in question... "what was Falcor?" Partial lyrics to a well known song (ie ) The stars at night ..... whoever catches on and answes correctly 1st only automaticaly gets like $5 off or free toothbrush. I do discount. I take the work I do very seriously but a little fun is good for the soul. When, if, somebody catches on post a congratulations so other people might catch on. Interaction will may become better. Also at home grooming tips stuff like that


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