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A greatful client (long)

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  • A greatful client (long)

    For all the difficult, unappreciative clients out there, occasionally, a few gems come through.

    Let me tell you a bit about Mr. G and his cocker Crackers III. I've known Mr. G, better known as "Red", for 16 years now. I'm now grooming his 3rd Cocker. Now Red is definitely getting up in years and his health is declining. This spring he did what was in the best interest of his Triton Cockatoo, Cherokee, and placed her in a new home (found a new home with the help of our Avian Vet). He misses her but he knew he was having trouble caring for her and did what was right. So now it's just Red and Crackers. Crackers is his world. But she's my buddy too. She doesn't like too many people, but for me, she's a doll. Sadly, she's morbidly obese, but that's another story. Last month, Red calls me in a panic about Cracker's appt because he can't drive. He doesn't want to cancel her appt, but he didn't know what to do. I said no problem, it's a light day, I'll come up on my lunch break and pick her up. So I did, I groomed her, took her back at the end of the day, and visited for a while. He gave me a tour of his small but cozy house and showed me tons of pictures. I made sure he had my phones numbers and told him to make sure he called me if he needed anything--he's kinda the grandfather I don't have. :-)

    So, yesterday was Cracker's next appt. I called on Wednesday to see if he was able to drive or did he need me to pick up Crackers again. He thanked me profusely, could I please pick her up. Not a problem, Red. So I took Crackers back and again visited for quite a while. Before I left, he went over to his bed--he lives on the first floor of his house--and reached up to the wall and took down a huge painting he had had done years ago of Cherokee and handed it to me. He insisted I take this picture as I loved Cherokee so much and have been so good to him. <sniffle>

    What a dear, sweet man. I dread the day that he passes on. Crackers will come to live at the vet hospital when that day comes if she outlives him so I will get to see her and help care for her and groom her. Some may say it's just a picture, but this came from the bottom of his heart. He gave me a big hug as I left. I will treasure this picture as long as I live.

    I just had to share the highlight of my week.


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    Awww that story made me cry! It's so sweet!


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      That's what "community" is all about, people helping each other, warms the heart. Thanks for sharing.


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        i cried too,what a sweet story,and what a special man


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          Oh, I am so glad that he has someone like you to help him. What a sweet man! Clients like that can make you forget about some of the harder to please ones!
          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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            Ok I teared up big time!! I am the worlds worst about forgetting that older people dont have alot of options for getting around or visting their friends/family or heck quite a few of them dont have many friends left to vist with, so even though it goes against my nature (Ive never been an outgoing social butterfly that talks openly to people)I always take time to talk to my elderly clients even if its just to ask how they are doing.


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              Just saw this thread, that is the sweetest thing I have heard in a long time! You are so kind to look after this man and his dog like that. One day, we might be in a similar place and just need that little bit of company. What goes around comes around.


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                Somehow I missed this thread weeks ago. So glad blueiiglet found it again. What a sweet story and what a wonderful client you have. We are all one day going to be old and need that special person to help us out. I'm glad he has you to be that person.
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."