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  • Made me feel good

    This older couple came in with a Himalayen cat for a lion cut. They werent happy with the lst groom, this was before I started there. They said the never put pom on tail and their cat is so sweet and for some reason they think he was abused last groom and muzzled him and this made him freak out even more. Anyways I didnt say anything but I know it was true because Ive heard why the groomer before me was fired. So anyways I said Id be carefull blah blah blah. Then my boss said they are impossibly fussy as a warning. Apparantly they never have been happy. I groomeed the cat and he was the best cat Ive ever groomed. Soooooo sweet. And they loved the groom it was the first time they were 100% happy! Apparantly when they called to make the appointment they wanted to make sure the other groomer wasnt still there and my boss said the new groomer is really good blah blah blah. And they have been going to someone else but if they werent happy this time we would have lost their business. Well they are coming back again when their cat is due for another cut. That made me feel so good. Boss thanked me like a million times over to!!! I was just soooo happy with that.

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    That's great! It sure always feels good to hear stuff like that!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      Yes well Im fairly new in this business so any nice thing I here is an awesome confidence booster thats for sure!!