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  • I figured it out

    Last year I had this really picky lady bring in her cockapoo. I want a clean face, bangs and leave this much on her. Fingers spread apart. Well when she came back she did not like the way she came out. She was too long, I offered to take more off, but she refused. I almost wrote her off and put her card in the inactive file. Anyway she called last week and scheduled her dog for yesterday. I knew how I was going to handle it this time around. She came in and told me what she wanted. A clean face, leave bangs, and leave this much on her, fingers spread apart again. I took her to my table and brought out my combs. Starting with the longer combs I took some off and kept going down in size until she agreed with the length.

    When she came in to pick her up. The lady did not have one complaint. I was very surprised and happy at the sametime. No, I did reschedule her, (don't want to push her yet.) but she did ask when she should come back and I told her. When she comes back I will try to rescheduled her before she leaves.

    So for now on when I have a new client come in. Instead of playing guessing games on how much they want left on the dog. They will go to my table and we will find out exactly how much they want left on the dog. This way there is no chance of miscommunication.

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    That's great. I have often thought that when I get my own shop I will try to set up a table out in the waiting room for that purpose. It will also help with matted dogs because then I can grab the comb, and try to bring it through the hair, and they will understand why the dog needs to be shaved!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones