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  • Origin of phrase

    "You never tip the owner"! Why do people ask if they can tip you and then say they heard this phrase and believe they are not supposed to. I just say "It's entirely up to you, and it is always appreciated".

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    I don't know

    but I'm glad most of my clients haven't considered that phrase. I think it may have come from a hair dressers salon where the owner would be getting money for each station and perhaps even not styling. I think when one gives exempliary service it is lovely to get tips.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      I suspect the concept of not tipping the owner dates back to the times when people were more class conscious than they are now days. Tipping the owner of a business was seen as giving them the same social status as a servant. One tipped servants, one did not tip business owners because their social status was higher, and tipping them would be an insult. At least that would be my guess.


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        Good question and I think I will ask my mom! She and I have bucked heads on this issue for years.She dosent believe in tipping,esp.the owner and since I should know she knows everything I think I will be the good daughter that I am and ask,lol I will let you all know what the "all knowing"has said.We talk every day so you wont have long to wait.


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          Well she was also unsure of the origin and we both agreed with what Helly mentioned that you only tipped social inferiors back in the hay days.Also as business owners they keep all the profits and employees recieved much less.Also "To Insure Promptness" T.I.P. I went to wikipedia and found some interesting ideas,but info. there was inconclusive as to exactly when all this tipping began/origins.So imo,I am still smarter than a 5th grader! lol