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So, what would you have done?

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  • So, what would you have done?

    New client, 7 month old CavaPOO, larger style, groomed once at 12 weeks of age by a petsomething....owner was unsatisfied because she felt they did not follow her requests for haircut.

    She has an appt yesterday, presents me the dreaded "we downloaded this off the computer" picture of a CavaCHON, and the close-up of it's head.
    She proceeds to instruct me that she and particularly "her husband" want the head "to look EXACTLY like this dog's", that's why we came to you, our neighbor said you follow directions". She was adamant, having felt she was burned once before.

    Now...don't get me wrong...a very nice lady, and the coat on the puppy was quite workable, despite being an entirely different texture than the adult CavaCHON in the picture.
    She didn't care about the rest of the body..."use my judgement".

    So it all goes well, pup is pretty good, I do yellow SO on body, pretty scissored legs...then grab her pic for finishing up the head.

    I about fell out of my chair laughing...had to call my asst to come see. It was one of the WORST home hack jobs (in the picture) I had EVER seen on a fluffy headed dog. Yes, there was a sort of neat "umbrella" over the eyes...but the rest of it was beyond description.

    I could not reach the owner by I had to make a decision.

    What would you have done...????????
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    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.

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    I would've taken a picture to show them when they got there.

    This is what I had to work with so I did the best I could and if you stop trimming it at home we can work on it a little at a time until we get the look you want.

    Did ya take a picture?


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      OMG lol. I would have just done my normal teddy bear head and told her to go home and live with it for a while before she decided she hated it.


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        DDaze...I confused you....sorry! Their dog's head was FINE (I'll attach a before pic). It was the downloaded pic from the Internet that was a choppy wreck...and THAT is what they wanted me to "do" on their dog.

        Below is the "before" of my client's dog...after I detangled, bathed, and dried it. Lots of potential. right?
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        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          One of my clients always brings this same picture of a Cairn head, and yeah...looks really bad. I know they are supposed to be kind of scruffy and natural looking, but good grief, you DO do some shaping.:P


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            People do not read what is written, just scan the post. Anywhoo I would have done a cute german type head, or just a teddy, what did YOU do?
            ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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              Originally posted by odette View Post
              People do not read what is written, just scan the post.
              Poor people. It prolly still takes 10 minutes...just to "scan" my excessively wordy posts, lol!

              As for what did I do?....I hacked and chopped it to look just like the downloaded picture. Don't was really HARD to do that. Seriously, a normal Teddy head or cutsie something would have taken me maybe 10 minutes.... but hacking it all up, chop for chop to the picture took like 1/2 an hour. Do you think it takes the average pet-owner/hacker that long? I seriously doubt it.

              I'm now officially a "chop shop".
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                And her reaction to the requested chop job????


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                  Originally posted by Gracie's Mum View Post
                  And her reaction to the requested chop job????
                  Jeez! I have like 13 things going on here tonight....sorry!

                  She loved it. I attached the pic she brought onto her pooch's kennel, so she saw both faces (the pic and the real thing) when she walked in the door. She made a lot of oooooo noises and said "perfect" about 6 times.
                  She asked me to hold him so she could take a cellphone pic to send her I held him way out to the right and away from any chance of getting my face or any other identifying knik-knack in her picture.
         a week, thanks to his frizzy hair, it won't look so bad. Oh well, it's not like I have to look at him, right?

                  I now figure maybe she took the same pic to the petsomething...but they likely left a cute and tidy face. How dare they, lol!
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                    my last tale tonight

                    so I have a client with a wire fox who I clipper no that the dog is older and it has a curly white coat now but the owner would never let me cut the tail short. Always wanted the Christmas tree look so the hair on the tail is straight- the body curly and after today very short. I have another wire client back to back. As she walks in I tell her owners in front of the first one's - Don't go getting any ideas- this is not my design, I only do what I am told and I request full disclosure form the clients when asked about the dog's haircut. Her idea and what a brilliant groomer they have that can follow instructions so perfectly...


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                      I LOVE the "Full Disclosure" idea Auntie Beth....I'm definitely going to remember that one.
                      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                        Didn't you know

                        the CavaChon standard calls for a hacked up choppy head groom. I would bet an owner would take forever to get the "look" that was wanted. Owners take ages to groom their own dog and then often call us the Pros.

                        It's pretty funny from here.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                          Hey, um, 4Sibes---I am wondering how you missed the chop job when she handed you the photo? I would have told her from the beginning:

                          "This is a chopped up groom---see, a chunk missing here, a chunk out there, long chunk here, short chunk there. Sure you want that?" LOL, seriously, people make me laugh.

                          Tammy in Utah
                          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                            Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post
                            Hey, um, 4Sibes---I am wondering how you missed the chop job when she handed you the photo? I would have told her from the beginning: Tammy in Utah
                            Seriously??? C'mon, you know me better than that! I was going on about chocolate milkshakes, or the best location to plant New Guinea Impatiens, or the cost of the daily paper increasing yet again with the owner,...and did a "glance and toss" with the picture.

                            If I haven't learned by now....I guess there's no hope for me.
                            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                              I always look at the pic first. We have clients that have brought in pics of dogs that have a totally different fur type, body type, etc., then want us to make it look like the pic. So, I always look at the pic first, then I go over it w/ the owner just to tell them what my impression of it is. We have also had people bring a pic of a cut and say make the dog look like the pic, then when they pick the dog up they will say, I only wanted the ears like the pic, or the legs like the pic, not everything. People always bring in pictures of yorkies w/ nice perky standing ears and then want their folded ear yorkies to look the same, that is where we have to explain that we are not surgeons and can't do the cut that way, it just won't look the same. People think we are magicians sometimes I think.

                              I do have a cute cavachon story though. I groom a cute little cavachon, Cooper. He got his beautiful red coloring from his cav parent. Well, the human mom also has red hair. I would do a teddy bear head where the ears ended right at the bottom of his face. His human mom has the red hair and also has hair that is cut to right below her chin in kind of a bob type cut. Last year mom brought Cooper in and said she had a request from human dad, please do something different w/ Coopers head, his hair cut looks too much like moms! I tried not to laugh too hard, but after she mentioned that I could totally see what he was talking about! I do love Cooper though, he is super sweet and has fur to die for.
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