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  • how to word this to customers

    I am seriously considering not taking any new dog clients for a while, at least a year maybe more. I have enough regular customers right now to keep me busy and pay my bills. however, I have been in alot of physical pain and recently took time off for surgery. my hopes in 'no new clients' is that I can do fewer dogs a day and spend more time with the ones I usually rush through just because I can. however, I would like to add a few more cat clients. how would I word this in an outgoing message? would I? do I just tell any potential newbies that I am only taking cat clients at this time? not all my customers pre book, should I send out a letter letting them know, so if they call and get a no new client message they dont think it includes them? any thoughts or advice, or tell my I shouldnt. thanks

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    I thought about this a bit

    and I wouldn't put anything on the VM. How could you say you are all full but can still fit in Cats? My client list is full. Still a little darling done monthly or less I might still take on. Those kids can be fit in easily. So I screen and if not what I'd want I tell them I'm full. If a potential good client I'll keep their number if they wish to fill in if end up with loss, usually do to moving or death.
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      Yup, I'm with arrooh. My message asks what breed of dog or cat they have, asks what town they live in and how often they are groomed. These are good screening questions. Then I say if I don't call you back in 24 hours I don't have any appointments available. This way you are off the hook for returning calls. If its a kitty or a chih in your town you can call them back right away. I hate calling back people to say I can't come.