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Owner is Bichon head expert! LOL

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  • Owner is Bichon head expert! LOL

    I had a regular client come in today, but I had only groomed the dog once before (the last groomer had groomed her before that) So I did a short Bichon cut like she had told me, #3 3/4 blade and trimmed the head to a nice proportion, the same way the other groomer had been doing it!. So today she comes in and proceeds to tell me that I didn't do the head right and "how" a Bichon head is "supposed" to look! I just stood there and looked at her and kept my mouth shut! (I've been grooming for about 15 years!) LOL After I took the dog in the back, I went up to the front again and the receptionist looked at me and said that the dog's head look exactly the way a Bichon is supposed to look! I just shook my head and laughed.

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    Sometimes when a client gets use to one groomer and their style, then have someone else groom their dog they feel like they did not get what they are use to and have to find something to complain about. We all have our different styles, and while your Bichon head may have been perfect, it may have been just a teeny tiny bit diffrent then what they are use to so they thought it was not right. I get that a lot around here with Bichon ears. Most other shops in town leave them long so when I do them the "right" way some people think I have done it wrong just because they have never seen it done the right way. I wouldnt sweet it too much.


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      I've had a few Bichon clients still thinking they should have the bell head and once I take the time to explain that is no longer considered the standard and show them pics usually they tell me to do the round head, but if they want the bell, I can do that too.
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        Well, this may not be what you want to hear, but I see a lot of bichons around here and their head is not correct.

        I am not a bichon expert, but the head is just a circle, with ears. It's still wrong. And all the groomers around me have groomed twice as long as I have. But I can see the mistakes like crazy.

        Are ya sure you're doing it right?

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          I had a potential client call for an appointment, he said he seen a review that I knew how to correctly groom westies. I hadnt seen this post at that time( I have since located it). so as flattering as that is, it is not entirely true. I do pet trims, not show. I do not hand strip, I do not use products to fluff the head. I clip in the pattern and scissor. I believe I do good job. I am very happy with the outcome and so are my clients, but the post made it seem like I was an expert. the caller was not looking for a show clip, just wanted them clean and looking like the breed. hes been a semi regular customer for 2 years now.
          I guess my point is, that we all do things slightly different. if this customer is narmally happy just grin and bear it. if she proceeds to be overly critical or picky, you may have to set her straight. not everydog can look like the one on the pet food can or calender.