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Appreciative Clients and Great Pets Make it All Worthwhile...

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  • Appreciative Clients and Great Pets Make it All Worthwhile...

    I had a feel-good incident this morning.... And since we all tend to join in on the griping, venting, whine and geeze parties... I thought I'd share. And y'all feel free to share your "this is what it's all about" moments!

    I had a Keeshond come in yesterday, and he wasn't in great condition by any means.... but for the most part it was an easy groom. He's an outside dog, so yes, he was rather filthy and had poop caked on his butt and those spherical spiney seed pods from whatever kind of tree that is matted through his pants. And lots of thick, packed undercoat. It did take three baths with Griminator through the Texas Bowser Blaster followed by a conditioning treatment with Tropiclean KavaMat. But most of the undercoat blew out easily after that. After drying, there were a few mats that had to be clipped out, but they were in 'hidden' areas, so I was able to do so quite cosmetically. WONDERFUL dog to work on--just stood there with no restraint. I charged $20 above his base price, and was a bit worried about sticker shock....

    And I was a bit worried this morning when Dr F came to me and said, "I need to tell you about the Keeshond yesterday." I said, "she wasn't happy about the price??" She said, "No! She was THRILLED. She said this is the best anyone has ever done on him. Everyone else she's taken him to has either kicked him out or shaved him even though she asked them not to. She said if she knew he could look this good, she'd be bringing him in regularly." Dr F told her 4-6 weeks when she asked how soon she should come back. We'll see if she DOES come back, but I'm glad she was happy. Sammy is a sweet dog and I'm sure he feels great now that he's cleaned up....

    11+ years, and compliments like that still make me feel great!

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    I just love those clients. I had a day like that on Sunday. A woman comes in with her old poodle mix for me to groom. Our policy is that after a dog reaches a certain age, it needs to be an express groom. I asked her if she was aware, she said she was but that this would be the last time she brings her dog because she doesnt like that policy. Well, after that I had the day from hell, and her dog took a little longer. When she picked him up she looked me in the eye and said "This is the best hes ever looked. You will definetely be seeing me in the future." After the day I had, I almost cried.



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      You are soooo right, it is clients like this that make us keep doing what we are doing!!! I have an OES that I have been grooming for about 7 yrs now. When Simon first started coming in to me he had been a client w/a shop that closed it's doors. The day that I first groomed him, the client had such a shocked look on his face saw Simon that I was afraid that I did something wrong. He quickly disabused me of that notion!!! He said that he never knew that he had such a beautiful dog!!!! It was such a thrill to have a customer so speechless in a good Seven yrs later and that compliment still warms my heart!!
      SheilaB from SC


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        There definitely are appreciative people out there that make our days worthwhile. I got a call yesterday from a client whose 3 bichons I groom. They got back a puppy they had sold to someone and it was a mess. I went out at 7:30 at night since they lived right down the street. When I was done, their daughter (who I guess would be around 10), ran over to me and hugged me saying , "Thank you so much for making my puppy look beautiful". Made my day.
        don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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          I had one of those expirences to of a client coming to pick up and was a little early so I still had it on the table and that Shocked look on her face and i thought uh oh. Turns out she was shocked becaues he looked So Good. Make my day.


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            K9, that is weird, I had almost an identical experience. Keeshond, covered in sticks and twigs and wayyyy packed undercoat, everything you said in your post. Even the price was the same at $20 above my starting fee. The dog was a mess, she asked me not to shave it, bla bla bla. Actually, the first thing out of her mouth was, "$40, right?" (HELLOOOO! NO!) I informed her that was not my price, particularly for this dog.

            SO I bathed and bathed again and brushed and dried and broke my back. What a beauty! I wish I'd taken before and after photos, because it would have made my "Miracle makeover" page in my scrapbook.

            So the owner comes to pick up, grouchy German lady, she is!! Anyway, I bring the dog out, and she looks at it. "That's not my dog." "Uh, yes it is, this is Keesha." "That's MY dog? Are you sure that's my dog?" FIVE times she repeated the same thing, "Are you SURE that is my dog?" She was so absolutely thrilled she booked for 8 weeks.

            The sad thing? That was 6 months ago and I've not seen that dog since. But she's had her ugly chubby poodle in twice, she still thinks I'm a miracle worker, and I'm charging even more next time! But I'm glad she liked the groom, because I sure worked my fanny end off!

            People REALLY do see the difference when we do our work, and charge for it. I had one girl freak at the price of her sheltie mix, "But the guy before you only charged me $X," and I said, "You get what you pay for." SHe picked up the dog and nearly died. She now brings this dog in regularly.

            Tammy in Utah
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              Groomed Bailey..Shi-Tzu Wet Shave

              I can't even find Bailey's previous groom in my book that startes July 1st. They had a new baby a week old, now she is 6 mos old! I thought the owner was not happy w/ her face. She was acting up after the baby, it seemed. they have two boys, both young , one in school. I had hoped i could do a miracle with the Les Pooch, but it was too matted. I ended up doing a 7F after Best shot shampoo/conditioner. Then shaved wet (damp, not dripping) It came off easily. I was very careful not to catch any skin. Only a little fussy. He face and head were chopped up, by nanny. The dog was soooo relieved. He little pottie patch was sore from urine and a lil poop. She was shaved, but not anymore than many dogs are all the time. I raised her 5 for new year. I got that + 5 tip. I will call in 6 weeks and keep her on schedule. The nanny is there Mon-Fri. all day. She actually does speak English after all. I asked why so long. Answer. New business, very busy, kept saying she would call me. Hey, just call from work. Leave the $. How hard is that? She doesn't have to be home. Un til she had the baby, I only knew what she looked like from photo on the shelf. Handsome hubby too. Cute babygirl.I guess i just have to keep up w/ phone calls on everyone. I like my eves free for tv and here......PS. I was sure Bailey had had another she hadn't. I can't believe they let her go thru XMas. Baths =matts.