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  • Matted dog disclaimer

    Awhile ago someone had mentioned in a thread that if a dog is severely matted, they have the owner sign a waiver form. I can't remember who it was and I can't find the post. If anyone has one of these forms for me to look at, can you please PM me with it? I think I need to institute something, because working on a dog in such horrible shape is very dangerous and the owners need to acknowlege this before I groom the dog.

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    yes i need one too. i just ordered "from problems to profits" i think it has sample in it.

    Stephen: Yes it does, written by our attorney. Our disclaimer here and there is that you should always have yours reviewed by an attorney to meet state or local laws. Some of the ones circulating on the Internet or sold by others may not be worth the paper they are printed on should you go to court unfortunately.


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      Also I know some of you have a disclaimer you have all clients sign matted or not, can you give an example?


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        i cnt remember word for word, but what I tell the customers is that they are signing this because your dog is severly matted, and that ncks or irritation can occour, and that basicaly you wont hold us responsible, although we will do our best to avoid this. .... but, wet shaving has virtually illiinated all of those worries!!! still make them sign it.. comes in handy. had a lady who had a lhasa that hasnt been groomed in like 6 mts. it got a shave down in the middle of winter. the dog was perfect, and I know I didnt hurt him. but she was complaining that he is acting different, and shaking..... I was like, well. he is naked... and it is december... in chicago..... matt form came in handy.


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          I have one that can be used it was looked over by an attorney friend of mine just PM me and let me know