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Is it my ego? Ok it is......

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  • Is it my ego? Ok it is......

    I've not been grooming for over a week due to the flu. Seriously in bed sick.
    I wasn't sure when I'd be back to work & after re-rescheduling some clients, I just decided to say I didn't know when I'd be functioning & they of course could try to get in elsewhere. (I don't recommend any other shop cause I don't know any well enough.) And I did mean it -so I thought.

    I began returning calls today & the very first one said in so many words they went some where else. I wasn't sure what to think. In my mind I knew some would- it doesn't mean that's a bad thing, sometimes it can be a good thing. (They see someone else's work that is different than mine, and could be better, could be not....)

    I've just been chewing on this most of the evening.
    I'm not sure what to think. It's just funny how hung up on this I am!!

    Comments please!


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    Clients come and go. Just do a great job and those that are loyal will come back to you. Every person is entitled to try something new, just as you are with services you may use. I would take time to figure out what was so special about someone else, because you can ALWAYS improve. There will always be something new to learn. Don't dwell on getting your feelings hurt, because it will do absolutely no good. I hope you are well now! That is rough to lose so many days, but it happens. You gotta move on, my friend.


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      Your right, it is an ego thing. None of us want to think we can be replaced, but in reality we can. The good thing is that situations like this keep us on our toes and make us do our best. Humans are very competitive, it is part of what makes us human! Try not to let it hurt your feelings too badly. It can be a good thing that they went else where because now they know how good you really are! Of course it could do the opposite too, but don't think about
      SheilaB from SC


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        Unfortunate, sometimes we do have to resquedule due to sickness/breakdowns etc.
        Your loyal customers will come back or have waited. I've had some say I couldn't wait and took "fluffy" into another shop to be groomed. All I say is Ok, great, just remember to call me the next
        Don't sweat it!


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          dapperdog client info

          I try to remember to tell first timers to arrive 10 mins early to get acquainted.

          First stuff
          I ask how they found out about my grooming? Is there something you've wanted and not getting from prior groomer. May be something simple. "They always called Isabelle he." OK. I can handle that.
          "They always screwed up her" whatever. OK I'll try.

          Pictures of other grooms I do of similar dogs helps with style & length of hair left.
          I have a piece of fake fur shaved with a 5, a 7, and a 10, so they can get a visual.
          I ask if and what grooming is done by the owner at home. How often.

          Health issues
          Ask specifics. Trachea issues, especially small dogs. (I loop the loop around the neck and under one front leg so that the pressure is in a different place.)
          arthritic, epilectic, seizures, diabetic, vision, hearing, lumps, bumps, warts, surgeries, pregnant, last heat, ...... current medications, monthly flea treatments.
          Say for instance I get a dog with an emergency, no owner around, I have to go to my vet. Vet doesn't know this dog, so I'd better.

          In FL thunderstorms are a big issue for many dogs.

          Owners etc..
          I get all this info first. Then I ask about the owner.
          The peson leaving the dog with me calls the shots. If the pick up person is a different person & doesn't like the haircut I explain the drop off person gets to decide.
          I also have designated pick up persons. If someone is late or can't show up, only their designated person with proper picture ID gets the pet. I explain all this up front.

          I call the next day or 2 to check for approval, comments.

          Don't know if I covered everything.

          Hope this helps.
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