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What To Do About Bad Checks?????????????

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  • What To Do About Bad Checks?????????????

    hi guys
    i groomed a dog about 5 weeks ago,her check came back unsuffecient funds,well in the meantime another one of her checks came back same reason,so i went to her bank a few times and tried to resubmit them still no funds,call her up she was all happy go lucky,oh im so sorry i have been out of town i will take care of it by the end of the weekend still nothing,then i go resubmit again she closed the account so i call her again last sat.she says oh yeah i will take care of it i said when,she said well when i can my dog ran away,i said sorry for dog running away,but i want my money,she said well i guess when i wrote you those checks i had the wrong check book i will get back to you mon.well here it is tues still nothing,and how stupid does she think iam,she got the wrong check book,anyone whos gone through this any words of wisdom,we are looking at about 125.00 now with the bounced check fees,i know its not that much money but it pissess me off,all the running around ive had to do

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    Call your local police department and ask if they have Bad Check Complaint Forms available. They should, but if they don't, call you local District Attorney's Office. Once you receive the form, it will provide step-by-step instructions for what you need to do next to pursue collection. It should also include a sample letter you can use for the 10 day notice you'll have to send the client via certified mail. Good luck!
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