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  • Glutton fdor punishment

    Welllll, I am stupid. Got a call from lady w/ new dog...said poodle type very matted in desp. need. Had me once before. Why not since? Old pitiful dog died right after. I remember her son and dog. I have a good memory, luckily. I hate to sound judgmental but these people live one up from a cardboard box. Poor,poor neighborhood. manufactured trailer type w. old chairs and **** outside everyones' property. Always looks like some sort of garage sale.I know they don't have much 3+yrs ago. Well nothing on all posts, ok make some extra $. Raining...don't drive in rain in van usually. 3 or 4PM I will be there. Dog cute either st. poodle pup or large black poodle. My Exp. this dog is a lanky St. Poodle never been groomed. She messed up head and eye area too short. Quick to see Muzzle necessary..two in on top of other mickey muzzles.Swings fast. None of new Laubes cut....none. Frustratnfg. Dog not dirty. soft almost corded fur. Can't be Puli or Port water dog but wonder what it is.Legs not impossible ( I am shouting)Im-possss-a-bull.!Got Ostyer 7f worked. ears Oster 10.did not come off easily. #40 belly where I could reach ..all with Romani Clipper Vac and Ivac.Wanted to Quit twice. Raining Hard now. Sheeesh.Done Have mabn get dog off table and give muzzles back. Told price had said he would pay anything. Wife wrote out check first number is 8 you figure it out.Said she wass NOT happy. I said that is unreasonable!!! You try..he bites. I can't risk cutting his tongue or being bitten! Said not smooth. I said welll he let you ruin his head...maybe you can finish the part the muzzle covered. Not happy, you are the groomer! Do you know what a fear biter is? Grooming 30 yrs. Won't tke risk. do not let that child kiss him on head. 6-7 yr old little girl could loose her nose w/ this dog! I am not a magician! Told her I will not risk lymphadema over any dog. Go to pet something new down street. saaid have bad rep. Told her I know a groomer who ws mgr. not necessarily true. This dog is a risk and hi mantenance. P something cheaper. poor dog will always be difficult...they won't have him done reg. That check better be good. Bof A 9AM tomorrow or bad chck dept., Unreasonable people...I was caslling them names on the way home in the rain! ohhhhh so nerve. I said WHO comes out ohn a Sunday in the rain? You could have come tomorrow. Noooo, got dogs scheduled said Emergency. I did not bathe dog..clean underneath. Could not risk. cologne.bite? I"m done dude.

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    why do people get dogs like standard poodle who never want to have them groomed...i mean why not get a lab or a breed that still resembles that breed even when you don't groom it in years??


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        ok, I don't get it when people can't afford to feed themselves or pay thier bills etc and call a mobile groomer for the once a year that their dog gets done. For what you charged they could have gotten at least 2 grooms at a shop.
        How long have you been mobile?
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Next time your too busy for that once a year person who calls. You learned your lesson. Not worth it.
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