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turns out she was very nice

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  • turns out she was very nice

    i had a full coated cocker scheduled today first time ive done this dog,but mom seemed so picky,i was a nervous wreck grooming this dog,the dog was good,mom didnt want a sanitary,or tail shaved,dont touch the ears,she had a whole page of instructions,and dog had big moles everywhere,so i fifninshed her,and mom booked again for 2 weeks,and we talked for about an hour,i think sometimes im my own worst enemy,glad this day is over with

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    I love when I am totally wrong about a customer and they turn out to be good ones...It is always good when mom and dog are both well behaved ..Glad you got thru the groom...Tammy~
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      I tend to get so intimidated when the owner has an entire list of requirements for their dogs' groom. Sounds like you handled it so well! I have a regular min poodle that the owner is extremely picky and critical of his grooms. She brings in her little tape measure to measure the length and width of his bracelets. She's really nice though, and always says what a good job I do, and thanks me for putting up with her (she knows she excessive with her requests) - it's not always as bad as it seems it's going to be. Notice I said not always. Good job with your new client and cocker!


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        Wow Suzie she measures the bracelets?? What is she look for symmetry with all or if there cut to close? If ya cut them to short or close what do you do?