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    I stated in the Mega Thread that I would rather work on the 2-3 times a year Pyrs than the 5 lb yorkie. For me there is just so much more satisfaction in cleaning up the mess than in trimming up a tiny. It is however a lot more work, and hard work at that. Big silly girl decided that I was not allowed to bathe her right side, and oh my goodness is she strong! Three baths (yes, she was that dirty!), conditioner and a rinse through of a finishing spray, loads of hair in my tub and so much more still to come out, and I am tired, while Queen Bee is all kinds of relaxed, having been allowed to sit and lay as much as possible. My back is tired and I really wish I would have bought a lift tub instead of a stationary one. Onto the table, finish drying while brushing and there is just so much to do that I have to let go of my standards and focus on the essentials.

    As I am working, I keep thinking about the owners. Super down to earth nice people, they are 'fostering' 2 Pyrs and Saint, plus have a Newf. And a LOT of cats, as anyone who lives in a rural area can understand. The dogs each only see me 3 times a year, and as they spend a lot of time outdoors in all kinds of weather, you all know what happens. Owners cannot keep up with the grooming themselves. These are big strong dogs who would just rather not. And they are talking about getting yet another big dog. As I am trying to get as much done as I can on this dog, and thinking about the shape the others are in, I am just getting frustrated with the owners.

    When they arrived I told them frankly that the dog is not finished, but that I had to focus on getting her clean and getting out the dead coat and mats, and clipping the nails. And then I said that these dogs should really be seeing me once a month, that it really isn't fair to put them through 4 hours of grooming. And that I understand how it gets ahead f them with 4 huge dogs. And that it would be really unfair to them to add yet another huge hairy. Owner said about the need for fosters for the huge hairies, and I said I understand, but that they need to right by the ones they have. That I truly understand that it is really expensive to take care of all of their animals. Then I reiterated that I should be seeing the dogs every month.

    So-those of you who are employers, pretty sure you would have fired me on the spot or at least written me up and not allowed me to have contact with clients in the future. Beauty of working for myself. Hoping I only gave them something to think about, not offended them. I love grooming their dogs, but just really thought I would explode when they talked about adding another hairy beast to their gang.

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    My back aches just reading this. Yes, 4-6 weeks or (sadly) find another groomer. Not fair to you or the dogs. Sometimes, for our own health, we have to say the 'N' word-NO!
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Not all hoarders are unkempt and elderly, they come in all shapes and ages and income levels.


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        People have big hearts but sometimes they need a wake up call.....I also think sometimes people want to pull their groomer into this pro bono effort they have undertaken.....we just can't give away our time like this.... referring back to the article on how to charge for large breed dogs this would have cost them a ton. I know eveything is not about money but we work HARD and when people come in like this and really can't afford to do the right groom plus have more waiting in the wings it is time someone had a talk with them.