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Here I sit...Doesn't anyone pick up on time?

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  • Here I sit...Doesn't anyone pick up on time?

    Well, just had to fume a little, all the dogs are done by 2:30 pm and I could be going home at 3:00 (That would be early for us) since that was when the last pick up should have been. But nooo, it's 3:30 and the 3:00 just picked up AND two dogs from the same family are still here that dropped off at 8:00 am. They could go home at midnight for all I know since he said his daughter would pick them up sometime after 11:00 am. Yes, there are things around the shop I could do but somehow I can't make myself do them. Anyhow thanks for the vent, I need to start being more forcefull when I ask if the pickup time I've given the customer is convenient since more than once one of us has had to hang around for someone.

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    ahahahh Welcome to the world of "working with the public". Only THEIR time is valuable. After all, aren't you there to "play" with all the puppies...........
    I work at a vet clinic and can go home when I"m finished. They collect, let them out, and if they don't show, they are boarded.

    Been there done that



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      There must be something in the air today.... My only appointment (originally scheduled at the normal drop-off time of 7-8:30) called and said she'd be late (between 9:30 and 10). At 10:02, I was ready to walk out the back door, but my office manager said I needed to call the client first--so I did and got the answering machine. I waited another 10 minutes, and was in my car backing out of my parking place when the vet came running out saying the client had JUST walked in. Her Yorkie took a whopping 35 minutes to groom (0-comb all over/westie head) and looked adorable. I lolligagged about cleaning up and almost DIDN'T call her to say the dog was done (in order to NOT encourage her late arrival in the future)--but since I had already been at the office for 3 hours (so basically I made minimum wage for my time there today), I wanted to leave. So at 11:15 I called to tell her Brutus was ready. GRRRR! I was so mad!


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        I'm home now (before midnight ) I had to call in the other groomer (and other owner) to come at 4:45 pm to wait for the last pickup so I could get my son from day care before 5:00.


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          I love having a home shop...


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            I'm sitting here waiting for my 9am. It's 9:30 now. Got to go call them and find out what's up.Grrr


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              Day care centers charge for late pickups (usually a buck a minute if I remember correctly, my "baby" is driving now!), why don't you post your late pickup policy/fees and that way at the very least you get paid for your time.

              I'm mobile, but if someone leaves while I am grooming without making prior arrangments for me to be paid and put the dog in the house and lock up behind me, they get charged $1 per minute I am waiting. Believe me, they seldom do that again! If it's not the last groom of the day or I am not running early enough to wait, I just keep the dog with me and leave them a note telling them where I am going to be next to come get their dog ... and I charge them.

              If I am mad enough I drop them as a client. One client locked me out and left two grooms in row. Luckily she was the last stop, but when she finally got back (I had my whole clean-up done by then, 45 minutes!) and I was leaving without giving her a new appointment card, she asked when her next appointment was. I told her the whole thing wasn't working for me and she needed to find other arrangements for her dog.

              Suddenly she gets all apologetic, but she had been so callous about my time on both occasions I was just not going to keep her as a client. I mean, she didn't even apologize or tip or anything. I would have found myself stressing everytime I was grooming her dog that she would not be there when I finished. I didn't need that with the waiting list I have.



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                Wow, it is one thing to be rude and disrespectful to be late for an appointment or pick up. It takes rudeness to a whole different level (IMO) to leave when you know the groomer can't just leave when they are done. Some people just amaze me!! It must be nice to go through life with that much confidence in your self worth and that much disdain for others.
                SheilaB from SC


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                  Believe it or not...

                  Even in mobile people say..I"m going to the store for a few minutes..I will be right back. No I you wait one hour until I finish? I have been stranded with dog sitting in A?C van w/ generator using gas waiting while Mrs. so N so is shopping! Some just go and i don't see them leave..wheeeerrrrre is she? Gulll Dern It! Do they think we only groom one dog a day? Sometime I need to go Pottie! Does this happen to you? If so what do you do...don't dare xcharge more for my time...that would make trhem mad and never call again. Dog couyld be good and easy..client doesn'r always do it...but when they do...oh man do I get irritated!


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                    what a pain ....

                    my favorite is when someone "absolutely HAS to have the dog done ASAP by 12:30" (or the world will end) ..... and they show up around 5:30 at night.


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                      how about having set hours your open? (even if you dont) call the owner and if they say okay yeah ill be there to pick up fluffy by 430...and its after 430 and the owner dosnt come until about 6 id say okay...NEXT time your late there is a 15 dollar late fee charge every 15 mins that your late AFTER 4 O CLOCK. (whatever time you close). we did this at the doggy daycare i worked at. if they werent there to pick up their dog by 7 (even if it was 650 i started calling people i didnt want to be sitting by myself in an industrial park at nighttime!) that i had to charge 15 dollars per 15 mins they were late. i even had one guy i called at 650 (it must have been his cell phone) he says ill be there in a few mins. i said okay im just calling to check and make sure. he walks in 655 and he goes arent you open until 7? i said yes...he goes WELL MAKE SURE ITS ACTUALLY 7 BEFORE YOU CALL ME NEXT TIME! well EXCUUUUUUUUUZE me!!!!!!!! this guy was a complete azzhole! take your dang dog and leave jeez. bite my head off lol. i was ringing up dog food for him once and i asked him what size bag it was and what flavor it was (diff. flavors had diff. prices) and he was getting nasty with me about it. sorry buddy im new and i dont know what color wellness bag is what flavor. its not like it says wellness chicken (purple bag) in the computer LoL. then he tells me he gets a discount! i say sorry dont know how to do that. oh well to bad so sad pay your money then collect your discount tomorrow. LOL! anyways...i would either say well i close at (such and such time) and if your not here before such and such time then your dog will need to be picked up at my house and you will need to pay a boarding fee. OR you will need to pay me 15 dollars per 15 minutes after (such and such time). this will either A) get them there quicker than the stated time that you close or B) pay you the extra money.