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  • At home grooming business

    Hi everyone this is such an amazing site thank you ahead of time for answering my questions. 1. Anyone here groom from their own home? And how's it going?
    2. How much is it to get bonded and insured for grooming in your home?
    Any advice or help please!!! Live in Toronto btw.

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    I built a shop off the back of my garage & I LOVE IT!!! $450/yr for biz insurance. Legal zoning for me to have home biz + biz license needed. I groom by appt only, separage entrance, and have not had a security concern in 8 yrs.


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      Love grooming from home. Have shop also built on to my home with separate entrance. Insurance 400.00 a year. Zoned for home business - I live rural. Work Mon-Thurs. Word of mouth is your best advertisement. See if you can get in with a vet too. People love my quiet peaceful (by appointment only) shop. Do not put your address on your business cards if you don't want random people showing up at all times of day and night.
      Best Wishes!


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        Look at home based Groomer Talk section.


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          Originally posted by Emma123 View Post
          Look at home based Groomer Talk section.
          I have a seperate building on my rural property and LOVE it! I stay extremely busy....Tues through Sat. I also do boarding 7 days a week with most holiday drop off and pick up for boarders.
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.